NEM (XEM) Partners With VNX Exchange To Bring The Crypto-Economy Closer To The Mainstream Financial Industry

NEM (XEM) is one of the leading blockchain application platforms in the world. The blockchain project recently secured a strategic partnership with VNX Exchange. VNX exchange is eh trading platform and marketplace for tokenized venture capital assets in the world. With this partnership, both entities plan to revolutionize the creation of security tokens on the blockchain.

NEM (XEM) and VNX Exchange want to develop standards and protocols for operating security tokens on the blockchain of NEM (XEM). They want to set a standard that will remain strong all through the entire life cycle of the blockchain.

The trading platform will lower financial roadblocks and unlock venture capital as a class of asset for a more global and extensive investor base. This will also increase the token holders of NEM (XEM).

Alexander Tkachenko’s Comment

Alexander Tkachenko is the founder and CEO of VNX Exchange. In a blog post, the CEO said: “VNX Exchange’s partnership with NEM (XEM) as well as the opportunities it offers to the global ecosystem of security tokens are extremely encouraging.”

The CEO further added that he believes that the future of capital markets are tokenized assets. He also said that blockchain technology introduces incredible opportunities to enhance how the financial markets operate, especially the privacy-focused ones.

NEM (XEM) And VNX Exchange Are Set To Attract Venture Capital Funds In NEM-Based Startups

NEM (XEM) and VNX Exchange are aimed at creating a liquidity program to attract venture capital funds to startups based on the ecosystem of NEM (XEM). Venture capital funds will be able to partake in initial security token offerings on the platform of the exchange. This will significantly increase liquidity. One of the digital currencies to be offered on the trading platform of VNX is NEM (XEM).

Kristof Van de Reck’s Remark

Kristof Van de Reck is the temporary President of the NEM (XEM) Foundation. Mr. Reck said he is very excited about projects such as VNX. He said VNX exchange is closing the gap between the digital currency economy and the mainstream financial industry. The firm is aimed at bringing the digital currency economy closer to the mainstream financial industry.

He also said that this partnership has given the Foundation the opportunity to learn more about regulatory compliance related to their technology. He added that the partnership will help them to make sure that NEM (XEM) is always at the tip of the spear when it comes to security token offering. The interim president of the foundation also said that they aim to grow the ecosystem of NEM (XEM) by leveraging the platform of VNX.

Some Details About NEM (XEM)

The blockchain of NEM (XEM) is coded and developed from scratch for speed and scalability. It is a private, permissioned blockchain that offers industry-leading transaction fees for cross-border ledgers. Also, the consensus mechanism of the blockchain project ensures that the public, open blockchain of NEM (XEM) can grow without compromising stability and throughput.

NEM (XEM) Price Today – XEM / USD


NEM (XEM) is currently changing hands at $0.0929 after an increase of about one percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $836.27 million and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $6.29 million.


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