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In the past, one of the easiest ways to make money was to mine Bitcoin (BTC). You simply connect your computer and let it start solving difficult math problems on the BTC ledger, which rewards you with Bitcoin (BTC). Now, after several years of existence, the process is no longer as easy as it was.

Since many discovered how they could make free money from Bitcoin mining, the rivalry to solve these mathematical problems on the ledger has increased. This has resulted in an increase in the complexity of the problem. It has also made the free money not so free anymore.

Retail Miners Are Longer Making Money from Bitcoin (BTC) Mining

The competition is now so strong that miners that plug in their computers at home just to make quick money are now losing money. This was revealed in a data from a data analytics and blockchain company – Diar. According to the data from the firm, institutional mining firms have increased considerably over the years. They have also squeezed the margins of retail Bitcoin miners.

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According to Diar, the total amount of revenue generated from Bitcoin mining in the first half of this year exceeds last year’s earnings. At the moment, revenues generated this year have surpassed that of 2017 by over $1.4 billion. However, August’s ending hash rate saw miners paying for retail electricity prices move to unprofitability. This happened for the first time in September.

The hash rate is the amount of computing power needed for a BTC transaction confirmation. The hash rates started getting higher as the competition increases. In turn, this significantly increased electricity bills and some miners even packed up their mining equipment.

The research carried out by Diar reveals that the cost of Bitcoin mining has reached new levels. It has gotten to the levels where only institutional firms can pay for the gigantic electricity bills. Retail investors can no longer keep up the trend, as they no longer make profits. Rather, they are losing money, as they tend to spend more on electricity bills than they mine.

A New Publication Reveals that the Markets of Bitcoin (BTC) Are Rapidly Maturing

The markets of Bitcoin (BTC) are maturing at a very fast rate, and this could be good news for both investors and traders. This was revealed in a new research that was published in a well-known scientific journal. The Journal points out some fascinating features about the speedy growth of the digital currency markets. This was published in a report titled “Bitcoin (BTC) Market Route to Maturity?”

The report lays out a scientific case why Bitcoin (BTC) could be a great investment. Although Bitcoin and other digital currencies are widely seen as speculative investments that people don’t really trust, digital currencies could be a better form of currency in the future, the report explains.

The research also stated that Bitcoin and digital currency markets could compete with the Forex market. It added that Bitcoin and the crypto markets have a very bright future as a result of their rapidly maturing fundamentals. This shows that the digital currency markets could quickly compete with the largest market in the world – Forex.

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