Spencer Dinwiddie Joins the Band of Professional Athletes That Embrace Bitcoin (BTC) and Other Digital Currencies

Digital currencies are beginning to gain more awareness. Their adoption is now on a constant rise. A lot of businesses have started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies as a form of payment. Some organizations also pay their staff in digital currencies. As the popularity of this digital currency increases, so does its adoption.

A lot of industries have also adopted digital currencies as a form of payment. Whereas, most of them are using their underlying technology – Blockchain. The entertainment industry – which Tron plans to transform – has also adopted digital currencies as a means of payment. Recently, Smartereum.com reported the partnership with Pornhub and Tron (TRX). This partnership saw the integration of TRX into the adult entertainment platform as a means of payment.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Back in July, the Major League Baseball (MLB) also entered into a partnership to expand its fan base with Ethereum (ETH). Some baseball players also planned to launch sports-themed crypto collectibles back in August.

Spencer Dinwiddie Joins the List of Athletes Who Embrace Bitcoin (BTC) and Other Digital Coins

Spencer Dinwiddie is a 21-year old NBA player. He’s not so rich by professional athlete standards. Dinwiddie currently makes about $1,000,000 in a year. He has played for three professional basketball teams. He is currently playing for Brooklyn Nets.

However, just like many other MLB and NBA players, Dinwiddie is likely to make more money from advertising one-offs, investments, endorsement contracts, and possibly from his franchise. As such, the NBA star recently joined the long list of professional athletes that have embraced digital currencies over the years.

The athlete made his way into the digital currency space when the value of Bitcoin (BTC) was on a massive rally. In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, he said that while others were checking their social media pages, he was always checking the value of Bitcoin (BTC).

Dinwiddie said he would be loaded right now if he had gone all-in. He talking was about last year’s massive rally. The rally that saw Bitcoin (BTC) hit the $20k mark. Dinwiddie said he monitored price news constantly and checked his phone always. He said he also tried to convince Trevor Booker – his fellow NBA player – to come onboard. But he refused due to the high volatility of the digital currency.

K8IROS to Accept Digital Currencies

K8IROS is the show brand of Dinwiddie, and it will hit the light this season. While other NBA players were partnering and accepting contracts with Nike and other top shoe brands, Dinwiddie wanted something different. He felt there was a much better deal to be made, and he went for it.

He finally made a deal with a firm called Project Dream. His partnership with this firm will yield him 50% of all proceeds, and 25.08% will go to his foundation. The Dinwiddie Family Foundation helps underprivileged kids to go to college. According to Dinwiddie, bitcoiners will be able to buy shoes from his brand with Bitcoin (BTC) – the first and most valuable digital currency in the world. This will create more exposure for the world’s most dominant digital currency.

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