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The Ethereum (ETH) development ecosystem is currently encountering some challenges right now due to the failure of Ethereum’s hard fork. The hard fork of Ethereum – Constantinople – which was initially scheduled to be launched in November now faces some delays. The launch of Constantinople has been postponed after its initial testing didn’t deliver the expected outcome.

The release of Constantinople was meant to introduce 5 improvements to the Ethereum blockchain. It was also meant to modify the economics of the world’s second largest blockchain – Ethereum. The testnet of Constantinople was activated on Saturday on Ropsten. Nevertheless, the test failed, making the dev team to postpone the launch as they need more time to resolve the issue.

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The dev team met on Friday to discuss the launch of the hard fork this November. However, their plans were chartered as the activation revealed some unprecedented issues in the code. The bug in the code was discovered by Martin Holst Swende – Ethereum Foundation security lead. A solution to the bug has been suggested. However, it has not been implemented due to ongoing investigations in the testnet release.

Lane Rettig – an independent Ethereum developer – said that the team should take their time to find out what really went wrong. They should also understand how such issues can be avoided in the future, including all related issues. He said a lot of forensics still needs to be done. He also affirmed that the release of the Ethereum upgrade will be delayed.

Constantinople Will Be Launched in 2019

The dev team has not yet fixed a date for the release of Constantinople. However, Griff Green has set the activation of the Mainnet for some time next year. Griff is the founder of Giveth – a nonprofit blockchain-based organization. He is also the lead at the Ethereum (ETH) community. He said he would expect the activation to get delayed to next year. Adding that blockchain does not go on holidays, but developers do.

He said if he were to make a prediction, he would predict the launch to hold late January or early February. On the 19th of this month, the dev team would meet again. They will meet over a live-streamed call. During the meeting, they will talk about plans in light of the failed implementation of the test.

The Ethereum Foundation Releases Its Fourth Wave of Grants worth almost $3 million

The Ethereum Foundation just gave out grants worth about $3 million. The Foundation gave this grant to a number of blockchain developers and startups. This marks the release of the fourth wave of grants the Ethereum Foundation Grant Team has given out. This was revealed in a blog post on Monday.

According to the blog post, the total amount of grants released was $2.86 million. The grant was given to twenty different organizations and individuals. It was given to them for work on client diversity, security, scalability, usability, and for creating tools.

Ethereum (ETH) developed the grant program to support developers on the blockchain of Ethereum. The aim of the program is to aid the creation of smart contracts and dapps on the platform.

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