Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency enters into school and university curriculums

Bitcoin enters into school and university curriculums: The education sector is not left untouched by the hype revolving around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Increasingly, more and more colleges, as well as universities, are including courses which involve blockchain technology as well as knowledge about other cryptocurrencies.

In the future, the demand for these technologies is also going to increase exponentially. This is the reason why courses are being drafted around these upcoming technologies.

Interest from students:

The interest from students has also increased when it comes to blockchain technology. Union Catholic High School in New Jersey included a topic on cryptocurrencies in the next semester.

This was included after high demand from most of the students.

Cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin has sparked the interest of the younger generation in the financial world. Many discussions in schools, as well as colleges, revolve around cryptocurrencies these days.

Recently, a high school in Brisbane organized a cryptocurrency information night because of the increased interest from the students.

Peer pressure:

Peer pressure is leading to the spread of information about cryptocurrencies. Mr. Tiim Breza who teaches at Union Catholic High School will soon include a discussion on blockchain technology in one of his courses.

According to him, the interest from the investors is certainly on the rise. Students many times have also asked him about his thoughts on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

According to him, if a few students discuss Bitcoin, the peer pressure leads to most of the students being excited about it. This is the reason why awareness about Bitcoin in cryptocurrencies increasing significantly.

Increasing interest in investments:

This is also leading to the significant amount of interest in the future investments. Since most of the people discuss cryptocurrencies in terms of the astronomical rise, it is imperative for students to discuss the same.

According to him, in the future, more and more students will look into the investment when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

This will actually spread the financial awareness among students. According to Max Berg who is a junior in UC, the institute is always incorporating discussions on newer technologies.

According to him, many of the students are actually excited about discussions on Bitcoin as well as blockchain technology. This is the reason why the students are enrolling in such courses in significant numbers.

Only time will tell whether this financial awareness is actually positive for the students or not. Up until now, it seems like it is increasing financial management among students which will be highly positive for them in the longer term.

Adam Webb is editor in Smartereum, blockchain and currency news, where he produces updates on Blockchain, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies.


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