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Five years ago, Roy Niederhoffer was in need of accommodation. Roy Niederhoffer is the president of R.G Niederhoffer Capital Management Inc. – a New York-based firm. He started a renovation project in his home in Manhattan, a project that will take quite some time. However, he was living with his family in a rented apartment close by.

Roy Niederhoffer said while he was looking for where to live, he saw three units of a mansion on Riverside Drive which were up for sale at the same time. He said he was very excited when he saw the mansion. Niederhoffer said it’s a house that he had admired for decades, adding that it’s one of the best houses in New York.

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He jumped up when he saw that they were all for sale at a very good price. He bought all three units for about $12.9 million, according to StreetEasy.

Niederhoffer Puts the Three Units of Mansion Up for Sale

Five years later, Niederhoffer is putting the mansions up for sale. He has completed the renovation of his home, and he is placing the 32-foot-wide, 10,720-square-foot mansion on the market. He listed the house for $15.9 million. He said he will also accept the equivalent of that amount in Bitcoin (BTC).

Niederhoffer said he is a big Bitcoin (BTC) believer. He said he is really bullish on the digital currency and he wants to own more of it. Niederhoffer said if someone wants to pay with Bitcoin (BTC), he would cover his share of the closing cost in fiat currency. He said he doesn’t want to lose any coin, adding that he would pay all the necessary fees in cash and not in Bitcoin (BTC).

A Brief History of the Mansion

Forty Riverside Drive was completed back in 1897. It has five original bathrooms, five floors, and an elevator, according to an article written by Tom Miller. The mansion is at the northeast side of Riverside Drive. According to Miller, it was originally bought for $125,000. It was purchased by Henry C. Miner, a serial entrepreneur and congressman that owned a drugstore, a chain of theaters, and interest in locomotive firms.

The building past through the hands of equally wealthy, colorful owners. Afterward, in the late 1930s, the building was converted to a preschool. It was then chopped up into multiple dwellings.

The Current Components and Structure of the Building

At the moment, the building has a total of six floors. There are two entrances to the ground floor of the building. The main entrance, which is on Riverside Drive, leads to a prime foyer with marble walls. Whereas, the second entrance is on 76th Street, and it leads to a one-bedroom apartment that has a rear garden.

The building lacks sufficient garden space, but it has five different outdoor areas. However, Niederhoffer said that’s not an issue. It also has a public park and private Wi-Fi. He said the main selling point of the house is its natural light. The natural light comes from three different sides and the ceiling, he added. He said considering the softness of the present townhouse market, he’s “priced it to sell.”

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