Uncharted Bitcoin (BTC) OTC Markets Prepare For Institutional Inflows This Week-BTC

While many who are interested in buying or selling crypto can do so on standard exchanges, institutional investors along with high-net-worth individuals have to look to OTC markets to execute their trades. This is because they transact large sums of Bitcoin (BTC).

The idea of Bitcoin OTC markets for traders, and miners alike is that it offers a much-needed transition from crypto to fiat because most crypto exchanges don’t conduct trades in fiat currency.

How Large are OTC Markets?

OTC markets have become more popular and competitive in recent months. Many institutional players have started trading through Octagon Strategy, Genesis Trading, and Circle.

Despite the fact that the actual size of the OTC market is difficult to determine, the director of technology at Digital Asset Research, Lucas Nuzzi, puts the total daily volume of OTC markets at $250M.

There are Still a Few Hiccups For Institutional Investors in The OTC Space

The lack of sophistication in the OTC space hasn’t created a calm environment for institutional investors to conduct transactions comfortably. Because crypto OTC trading typically requires trust to a large extent because the goal is cashing out into fiat currency. Particularly, trading in OTC markets exposes investors to a host of risks.

Due to financial regulations and money laundering laws, institutional investors don’t like the idea of completing large wire transfers related to crypto directly. Hence, there’s no sure way to determine whether a trade agreed on will actually lead to a fiat transfer completion.

There’s positive news here after all. A sign of this is Fidelity’s announcement this week that will be storing and trading digital assets for institutional investors. This can replicate the clearing and settlement as well as manage the risks involved in the OTC space.

OTCXN also recently announced that it had gone into partnerships with prime Trust and Kingdom Trust, both of which are registered as qualified custodians under the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are legally privileged to take custody of crypto assets traded on their platform.

Caspian, the firm that recently raised about $20M in its initial coin offering (with the goal of giving sophisticated traders and investors better tools like a single user interface designed to connects to major crypto exchanges) is also a reliable solution for institutional investors.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Others Still in The Red At The Close of Trade

Bitcoin BTC/USD as of press time yesterday traded at $6.565. The digital token has continued to move sideways to this point. After the last trading day, Bitcoin’s (BTC) price moved down to the $6.5500 level. This was followed by no major changes. From this barrier, the price of the digital tokens is likely going to fall.

The situation isn’t different for other top digital assets. Ethereum ETH/USD traded at $204.51 at the close of trade and continues its part to decline following a downward level of H4. As for Ripple XRP/USD, $0.44689 was its price during the close of trading and just like the other tokens mentioned here it has continued to move down. In fact, Ripple showed the most significant slide compared to the other tokens.

We will likely have to wait for a short period before any significant changes can be seen in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. For now, trade hasn’t gone as anticipated.




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