Bitcoin, Altcoins Rangebound with Bearish Bias – Crypto News Today

The major altcoins and bitcoin spent the day yesterday in tight ranges amidst low trading activity and vanishing volatility. The total market value of the crypto industry was pushed below $210B to $208B.

The world’s leading digital currency, bitcoin, is presently changing hands at $6,388. The cryptocurrency has been stagnant in the $6,300-$6,500 level for close to two weeks. So far, there is no sign of a breakthrough.

XRP, on the other hand, has lost close to 2%b of its value in the last 24 hours. This has turned the previous growth leader into an underperformer. It is valued at $0.4588 in a bullish short-term trend and has a chance to pick up the pace later today.

ETH also dropped in value to $201 at the time of this writing. The market value has dropped by 1%, and a sustainable move below $200 will spell doom for Ethereum.

The sixth largest coin by market value, Stellar takes the crown for the worst performing coin. It is down by 2.6% and has been dropping for a while now.

Perhaps some positive news can change the outlook for the coins.

Crypto industry gets a feature film

“Trust Machine” a film by Alex Winter is set for release later this month. This film is a technology documentary that chronicles the rise as well as the influence of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The film’s website reports that it is a montage that illustrates how Blockchain enthusiasts are using the innovative technology in a bid to change the world. Some areas it touches include fighting income inequality, world hunger and the refugee crisis.

Some other notable elements of the movie focus on Blockchain expert and hacktivist called Lauri Love. This character fights extradition and the effects of network pundits and banks that condemn Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This new film form Winter appears to be continuing the current trend of Blockchain and cryptocurrency making its way into movies. Earlier in the year, we received reports of the upcoming thriller from Kurt Russell called “Crypto” was in post-production. This film is a crime thriller, which is set against the background of shady crypto deals.

About four years ago, a short documentary was created, and it was called “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” its IMDB page describes it as one that teaches the impending impact of the amazing new technology on a global scale.

Last month, a film producer, Alex J. Mann who created a short horror film on BTC known as “Crypto” said that the digital currency was a great topic for short videos. He has also been a crypto proponent since 2013.

Bitcoin is changing the world

Winter was interviewed by Breaker Magazine, and he explained how he had no plans to create a film on virtual currencies. He wanted the movie to be exciting and track the potential for the Blockchain and the present moment of evangelism, complete hysteria and speculation.

He also spoke with so many experts before taking on the challenge. Some include co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, Laura Shin, Blockchain journalist and Tim Draper, a venture capitalist.

Winter said that his documentaries focus on individuals more. He said,

 “If you tell an interesting story with interesting people, you’re not going to lose anybody.”




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