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Bitcoin may be in trouble as Carlos Matos calls it a scam.

Matos was made famous by his uninhibited enthusiasm for a crypto project known as Bitconnect late last year. This project was strongly similar to a Ponzi scheme, and its exchange shut down in January this year. The Bitconnect proponent has offered some strongly worded words of caution. He has asked people to stay away from bitcoin, calling it a scam.

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The tweet

On 26 October, Matos took to social media, Twitter to be specific, and tweeted “Bitcoin Is A Scam.” He then proffered some advice on what to do, saying, “Sell Everything It’s NEVER Going Back Up.”

Matos is popular for promoting a possible scam as well. He became a famous meme in October last year when he made a video singing praises of Bitconnect, a cryptocurrency exchange. It took place in Thailand during the annual ceremony of Bitconnect. This video went viral, and he became known as the walking meme. He was given several nicknames such as Bitconnect Carlos and the walking meme.

This all happened before the price of a BCC token rose to approximately $437 and later crashed back to the present price of $.67.

“I love Bitconnect”

Matos proclamations of his love for Bitconnect were remixed endlessly, starting from the first remix by a Youtuber. The clip was edited into a classic movie from 1987 known as Predator. Other remixes followed shortly. In a short time, the self-proclaimed Bitconnect investor became the project’s ambassador.

Sadly, none of the ventures worked for the investor. John Oliver took a low swing on Matos on Last Week Tonight. Surely, Matos must have learned something from his experience with Bitconnect. Clearly, he regrets his actions and his warning may be coming from a place of clarity.

Which he believes that bitcoin is a scam.


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