Justin Sun’s Support For Ripple Starts Materializing Into XRP Adoption

Everyone who has been paying attention to the cryptocurrency industry knows about Justin Sun’s interest in Ripple and the XRP token. While some have accused him of louding praises on Ripple in a bid to convince them to adopt the use of the TRX token, his forecast seems to be coming to pass. Over the years, sun has shown support for the the blockchain industry as a whole and not just the Tron blockchain. He has been open about his views of Ripple and the future of the XRP token. He believes that the XRP token is going to get mass adoption in the future. On Twitter and other social media platforms, Sun has publicly declared that XRP is one of the most successful projects in the industry. He considers XRP as the best option for cross-border remittance especially after XRP took the second place from ETH twice within a given period.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Over time, Sun has performed different tasks for Ripple. He has even said that he is a shareholder in Ripple. This may explain his enthusiasm toward the project. After the PNC bank talked about the upsides of Ripple’s xCurrent, Sun offered his congratulations to Ripple noting its impressive progress in terms of adoption and even price. The xRapid also contributed to the increased adoption of Ripple and its XRP token.

So far, xRapid and xCurrent are being implemented by different multinational banks around the world. This suggests that Ripple is going to be a big contributor to the sector. With time, the XRP coin will be firmly established globally in line with Sun’s believe.

Another sign that Sun’s vision for Ripple and the XRP token will come to pass is the fact that Ripple is gradually become the favorite for banks and businesses in general. The more banks and businesses adopt the project, the more popular it will become. While this vision is possible, it’s not without some challenges. On the 21st of September, XRP was able to take over Ethereum (ETH) during the bullish market. While it went back to third position shortly after, the take over showed that XRP has the potential for massive growth. Also, the partnership with PNC bank is going to increase the cross-border scope of XRP. This is because PNC is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and it is known for contributing to the promotion of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology.

The bottom line is that Sun has a good perception of XRP and other Ripple projects that will most likely come to pass. Hopefully, his positive attitude towards Ripple will continue to influence the market growth going forward.

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XRP (XRP) Price Analysis

Right now, XRP is trading in green at $0.458673. This shows that it is up by 0.44% against the USD and up by 0.35% against Bitcoin. XRP has been trading in green all weekend and the price action may remain positive for the rest of the week. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $257,287,387 while the market capitalization is $18,441,191,074. The next few trading session will determine whether the price action will change or not.


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