New Specifications Announced by Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

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Cointelegraph reported that the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance releases a new set of specifications. These guidelines will provide standards for developers who use private iterations of the ETH Blockchain.

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DevCon4 announcement

In Prague, during DevCon4, the EEA announced the launch of the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification V2, as well as the Off-Chain, Trusted Compute Specification V0.5. The Client Specification V2 is a development of common standards. It aims to make sure that ETH developers write codes that motivate enterprise users to pick EEA specification based solutions over proprietary offerings.

It will also offer a type of label, which is a product that has gone through third-party testing to enable it to be sold as EEA-compliant.

The spec of the Off-Chain Trusted Compute Specification is a set of APIs that move transactions off chain. It is taken for computation elsewhere and then returned to the main chain. The EEA APIs that use the newly released specs will offer developers new methods of transferring data off chain. It will be independent of any trust verification method. They have been reviewed and are compatible with Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Trusted Execution Environments as well as Trusted Multi-Party Compute.

The power to choose

Enterprises can now choose which trusted compute method that suits their need. Ron Resnick, the executive director, says it can be used for banks, supply chains, retail and another large enterprise-based ecosystem.

EEA aims to widen its set of standards, and it will do so by onboarding new firms from different industries. It will be added to a list of member organization which are more than 500 in number.

Resnick stated that he sees a lot of potential for the EEAs standards in restructuring the payments process. This applies to chemical supply chains, and applications in trucking, automotive, addressing music piracy and lastly, health services.

The first version

In May this year, the Blockchain standards organization launched the first version of the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification. This spec interaction was aimed at interoperability. It was expected to be the catapult that launches the entire ecosystem.

Resnick said:

Without interoperability, the big players aren’t going to want to jump in, because they don’t want to be locked in to one particular vendor for a proprietary solution […] It attracts more and more of the bigger players to come in and make a commitment, because they feel a little more safe that they’re not going to get stuck.”


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