Hacked Canadian Exchange Returns to Twitter, Promises Refund Via Chat Room

After yesterday’s report, MapleChange returns to Twitter. The exchange claimed to have been hacked and went offline. The exchange reported that they had opened a Discord chat room for this exercise. However, the exchange tweeted that they will not be refunding bitcoin or Litecoin deposits. They also said that the main website would remain offline.

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They tweeted,

We CANNOT refund any BTC or LTC funds, unfortunately. We will try our best to refund everything else.”

Customers were not buying it

Customers of the exchange did not buy this suggestion, and one even insinuated that they would contact the police regarding the events that have transpired.

The firm has asked individuals who preferred a more tailored service to reach out to them. They said in a tweet,

Should the solution aforementioned not work, we ask that you PM us your account and we will do our best to sort you out.”

The exchange finally announced that it had created a Discord chat room that will help them receive refund requests from customers

In a tweet, they said,

We have opened a Discord server for refunds. Please join. We will be creating a room so people can post their missing funds.

No confirmation yet

At this time, there is no proof that any funds have been refunded. The firm provided a link, but it was not working at the time this article was written.

Their following tweets assured holders that their altcoins would be returned.

During their tweet storm, the company provided more information about how the attack happened. They also posted some screenshots of the negative balances on the exchange. The pictures reveal that the exchange didn’t have a lot of funds in their possession.

MapleChange reported that the attackers were able to conclude trades worth 15 bitcoins. However, they only succeeded in withdrawing eight bitcoins because that was the available sum at the time. It appears some issues with the exchange’s structure allowed this to happen.

The exchange explained that the initial reports were wrong and explained that they had not disappeared. Even though their social media and website were taken down, they maintained that they didn’t run away. They maligned the media outlets that reported about the problems the exchange experienced. They also decried the insinuation by some media outlets that the exchange had 919 bitcoins at some point. On the contrary, the total volume held by the exchange was 2BTC.


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