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Ripple and XRP (XRP) may be separate entities, but they have a common goal. Both bodies are giving customers the option of choice as they push for the integration and validation of xVia, xRapid, and xCurrent. Although some of the firms collaborating with these companies are third-party establishments. XRP’s amalgamation by these entities has sent a shockwave across the crypto space.

About Ripple’s Products Xpring, Omni, Others

Xpring, an integrating member from Ripple’s product, was launched to support blockchain startups that plan to adopt XRP tokens in their operations. Xpring ensures that Ripple has the keys to advance. The establishment has gone as far as advocating for the adoption, incubation, and purchase of these products.

After landing $25 million in funding from Ripple, Stefan Thomas and Chris Larson both advisers to Omni, encouraged the startup to make their integration of XRP public. Omni is designed to alter the current climate in the renting out sector so that users can rent out their items without getting payments in XRP.

XRP (XRP) Sales Have Improved Significantly in Q3

In recent years, the XRP token sales have gradually seen exponential growth despite high market volatility. This year has been good for the token except for several occasional bumps along the way.

XRP (XRP) reportedly shared a 120% growth this Q3 according to the network’s quarterly financial report. According to the report, during Q3 this year, Ripple tactfully sold $65 million worth of the XRP digital asset. This figure only accounts for 0.17% of the total number of XRP that was exchanged during the quarter.

XRP (XRP) Price Today XRP/USD

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Still reporting on the quarterly sales figures, in Q3 this year, Ripple’s subsidiaries, XRP II, LLC, reportedly sold over $95 million worth of the XRP token. These sales were conducted in direct institutional trades. It is what helped the total net sales of the token stand at an impressive $165 million. This figure is approximately 120% higher than corresponding figures attained in Q2 this year.

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