Blockchain Island In Malta To Receive Droves Of Cryptocurrency Investors Next Month 

Malta Blockchain Summit

Not too long ago, Malta became nicknamed as the blockchain island this is because it is the first jurisdiction to ever adopt standard blockchain regulations in the world. Major cryptocurrency exchanges are now opening offices in the Mediterranean island as this region is considered a rising hub for cryptocurrencies. About four months ago, the Maltese Parliament set the standard framework for blockchain technology, digital assets and cryptocurrency. Not long after, the junior Minister of innovation, Digital Economy and Financial services, Silvio Schembri said that Malta is now the world’s largest blockchain island.

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On the first and second of November, there is going to be a blockchain summit in Malta. The massive scale of that will reflect the significance of the nickname. Big venture capital firms and blockchain giants have been planning the summit since December 2017. The summit has been scheduled to take place on the island at the St Julian InterContinental Hotel. This summit will consist of four conferences within two days. The first will be a regulatory conference, followed by investment & marketing conference, a developer & technology conference and a tokenomics and cryptocurrency conference.

The proceedings will be set around an exhibition floor and tickets have already been sold out. There will also be a two-day long hackathon with over 300 blockchain developers and a grand price of $57,000.

To round up the summit, there will be an ICO pitch battle between thirty of the world’s hottest cryptocurrency startups. Each startup will compete for a grand prize of $100,000 and will have the opportunity to offer a 10 minute pitch.

During the beginning of October, the Delta blockchain Summit saw more than 4,000 attendees from different parts of the world. From the look of things, this summit will top the Delta Summit. The CEO of the blockchain company, WOM, Melanie Mohr said:

“Many knowledgeable people from the blockchain community around the globe have put effort into making sure that a legal framework will be created to regulate and support the development of blockchain and distributed ledger technology”.


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