TWO Waste Management Launches IOTA Integration

The waste management firm, TWO, has announced a successful IOTA integration. The IOTA Tangle has taken off officially, and it is aimed at bringing decentralized waste collection. The project leader Hamoun Karami announced the news in a YouTube live stream as well as a Medium post to follow up. He said,

Here we are…Monday, October 29th. I would like to say that we have successfully connected to the Tangle … with our sensors, we are able to tell when a bin has been changed.”

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How TWO IoT works

TWO uses an IoT hardware device, which measures the real-time fill levels of bins. This will substantially reduce the resources and costs of waste management through DLT autonomy and IoT.

It has been fitted with an analytics system and a tangle-based monitoring system. This acts as an alarm system when the garbage is full, and trucks will be notified to pick up the trash and take it away.

This innovation aims to end the need to pay waste managers even when they don’t pick up any trash and still demand to be paid.

The device is built with a WIFI transceiver that keeps waste management services updated as well as a lithium-ion battery, which lasts for more than a year.

The team behind this innovation noted that the device uses IOTA’s Tangle for a new block-less distributed ledger, which is lightweight and scalable.

Smart waste management at reduced costs

Also, TWO helps monitor contractors. Public institutions and large companies such as airports and schools often hire third parties to do this. Using this system can reduce the cost.

Through the smart-contract technology, which IOTA uses, the application can automate this monitoring process. It also ensures that the cost is fair and also executed fairly.

Karami says,

In the end, what you get is a city that stays clean,”

The project’s goal is to ensure that waste is disposed of properly and safely. It ensures that collectors drop off waste and that they are actually licensed to do so. It is accompanied by an NFC technology that tracks the waste and determines where it ends up.

Benefits on a large scale

Even though waste management isn’t a glamorous subject, TWO is a valuable addition to the present Blockchain powered economy. It is considered valuable since the project is the first of its kind.

The project’s whitepaper explains that the company can reduce the strain of the regular and centralized waste collection system. One that relies solely on a dedicated fleet of pick-up trucks. This requires excessive consumption of fuel and also creates traffic congestion. The system is dynamic and picks up waste where and when needed by providing a lighter solution.

TWO shows clearly that IOTA is capable of handling information from IOT and using that data from real-time devices and objects in shaping the economy of today.


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