11 Tips on Marketing an ICO!

The cryptocurrency market looks flourishing. All ICOs seem to be having a bright future unless you get to know that nearly half of the ICO projects in 2017 have already died! If you’re ready to launch your new ICO, marketing an ICO must be next thing on your agenda. And it’s indeed the most important agenda.

Getting the marketing of your ICO right is crucial. You want your investors to believe in your ICO.

Here are 10 quick tips that are most essential to get you sailing through your ICO marketing strategy.

1.      Get your ICO listed on top sites.

Getting your ICOs listed on premium sites is a must to build credibility. It is one of the paid parts of marketing an ICO.

You need to set a budget aside to get a chance to list your ICO. Some of them might also take payments in cryptocurrencies. Also, try to get free listings or get in touch with agencies that can do it for you.

2.      Regularly share your ICO updates on Twitter.

Twitter helps you in constantly staying in contact with everyone interested in cryptocurrency. While you are being watched, it’s beneficial to share tweets about your product updates, team changes, and any collaborations. Twitter is definitely one of the necessary aspects of marketing an ICO.

I would suggest you to use tools like Circleboom to connect your website’s RSS feed to Twitter. This will make sure all your important updates are automatically shared on Twitter. You can also use the tool to find targeted Twitter audience with their smart search feature.

3.      Add well-written press releases to your website.

Your press release is the way how you educate the masses and investors about your projects and keep them updated. You can also get sites to publish your press releases and get you more publicity.

4.      Create compelling videos on your offerings.

While everyone is not going to read your white paper and press releases, videos are convenient for everyone. You can create short videos explaining your agenda and long-term plan. Share these videos on your social media and website.

5.      Get your team active on their social media.

If your ICO team is active on their social media accounts and talking about your progress, that can be a huge plus. It adds to the brand image and makes your ICO look stronger and reliable.

6.      Participate and organize ICO related events.

There are many ICO and crypto events organized all the year round. Participating actively in these can get the word of your ICO out.  Even in the world of social media, the power of events in marketing an ICO is undeniable.

7.      Create and post quality content on your social media accounts.

Marketing an ICO on social media could be the most daunting task because you have to get it right. You must take examples from your competitors before you schedule your social media posts.

8.      Let forums be the voice of your ICO.

Forums are the best freeway in marketing an ICO. You can help the masses with your expertise and knowledge on forums. Forums like Reddit, Quora, and specialized crypto forums are the best place to start.

9.      Invest in ads and paid promotions.

Get ahead of your competitors by investing in PPC ads, Facebook ads, and forum ads to get your word in front of the interested audience.

10.  Focus on your SEO for the long-term.

Focusing on your SEO is going to serve two purposes. One, it’s going to make your investors believe you are here for the long run. Two, it’s going to serve you with genuine traffic in the future.

11. Target your Ideal Audience on Twitter.

It’s important to make sure that your tweets about your ICO reach the right ears on Twitter. Reaching the right audience will actually help you in getting valuable investors.

You can use Circleboom to find targeted Twitter audience with their smart search feature.

So, here are my 11 best tips on marketing an ICO! What do you think about them? Share in the comments below!

David is passionate about learning cryptography, tech and the Internet. He has years of experience working at international investment projects. Growing interested in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in late 2015, he joined Smartereum as an editor.


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