Investment Platform BnkToTheFuture Raises $33 Million In ICO


BnkToTheFuture which is planning to launch a digital investment platform has recently concluded its token sale. In the token sale, it managed to raise around $ 33 million.
The company, which is based out of the United Kingdom, is not new to the blockchain space. Currently, the company has around 60,000 investors who are using its platform. The company allows investors to purchase smaller stakes in various cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. Thus, it provides a unique investment opportunity to its investors. The stakes can be bought in established cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken, Bitpay.

Cofounder of BnkToTheFuture, Simon Dixon, stated that they preferred an ICO to raise money since they did not have to part with any equity.

Future plans

In the future, the company plans to launch security tokens for various secondary assets as well. Also, it plans to launch a platform for trading tokens from other ICOs as well. Thus, the future plan of the company is to expand in the cryptocurrency space in different verticals.

According to the Dixon, they will comply with all the rules and regulations pertaining to US securities. He did acknowledge that the challenges facing the company was immense. It is very difficult for the company to research about every company which is applying to the platform. This is the reason why the company is looking to also launch a research platform. Individual contributors will be able to research the different companies and post their results on this platform. This will provide users with plenty of information the various ICOs.

Many of the start-ups are looking to trade their ICOs and tokens on reliable platforms. This is where this digital platform will score over the other cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the cofounder, more and more companies are looking to move to platforms which comply with rules and regulations. This is the reason why this platform holds a lot of potential in the future.

With this newly raised capital, the company plans to expand its operations further. They hope to attract more investors to the company which will help it digitize many other businesses. This will provide unique opportunities to most of the investors who are investing with the help of this platform.

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