Bitcoin (BTC) Degrades, Ethereum and EOS Remain China’s Favorite While Ripple Chains Gets Special Mention


In the 6th global public Blockchain technology assessment index of China, Ethereum and EOS top the charts and remain the favorite cryptos. They retained their positions because they the undoubtedly preferred platforms for Dapp development all over the world.

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Bitcoin slides down to the nineteenth spot and IOTA, NULS and Ripple Chains got special mentions.

6th crypto ranking index

The Center for Information Industry Development of China, released the latest crypto rankings. It was done under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The 6th update was announced earlier in the week, and it evaluates 33 cryptocurrencies.

EOS is the favorite since the country started its annual crypto ranking. The 5th largest crypto as per market cap has topped this list every year. This year, the digital currency gained some points for applicability and basic tech.

The second favorite on the list is Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in the globe by market cap. It took the second spot in the global public Blockchain technology assessment index of China. The following spots were acquired by Nebulas, Bitshares and NEO.

Special mention for the most prominent rankings

Some cryptos received as special mention, and the reports stated,

From the current comprehensive index, the most prominent rankings are the NULS, Iota and Ripple chains, ranking by 11, 9 and 8 respectivelyCompared with the previous index, the public chain with the largest increase in the innovation index is Ripple Chain, NULS, Iota, Nebula Chain and Bit Cash.”

Sadly, Bitcoin still stands at the bottom of the list. It was further downgraded to the nineteenth spot from the sixteenth rank. Despite having the highest points in creativity, the digital currency lacks in the area of applicability and basic tech as per the ranking of the index.

Bitcoin price analysis

Presently, BTC is being traded at $6,419. It also demonstrates attempts to grow. The price of bitcoin went up without attempting the second decline, and this indicates the presence of a bullish potential. The buyers started moving and had secured a level of $6,363. This made it possible for the currency to surge higher.

All that should be considered is the uncertainty and lethargy of the movement. Maybe by the middle of the month, it may revive a little. However, the tactic of waiting and holding of assets is optimal. Many crypto enthusiasts are engaged in this currently.


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