Blockchain Startup AlphaPoint Gets Cboe’s Head Of Equity As It’s New Member 

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Kapil Rathi, the head of equity at Cboe has joined AlphaPoint. He would serve as the global head of trading markets. This position was recently created by the company for managing its exchange and trading business. Before now, Kapil Rathi, served as the head of equity options at Cboe. This was after working with ISE, a renowned New York Stock Exchange firm. During an exclusive interview with CoinDesk, Rathi said that for the last 18 months, he has been watching AlphaPoint and has developed interest in the way the company has progressed and brought new products to the market.

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The new position will give Rathi the opportunity to bridge and improve the relationship between digital assets and mainstream finance. The goal is to grow the ecosystem. In his words:

“Digital assets are intriguing concepts. As time passes, more people show interest in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. At the same time, facilitators of capital markets like exchanges, custodians, regulators and prime brokers are coming into the market slowly and cautiously”.

For this reason, Rathi says he will use his experience to build and run regulated exchanges in a bid to transform the industry. In the end, digital assets will be viable and established alternatives among assets. He continued:

“While developing new products, I will work with SEC and regulators while I remain cognizant of investor rights and protection.

The co-founder and president of AlphaPoint, Igor Telyatnikov, said that he believes Rathi will be an asset to the company. The management team is made up of veterans from powerful firms like UBS, Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange and Bloomberg. Telyatnikov said:

“Our progress is a testament of how far the industry has come. For a blockchain company like AlphaPoint to have someone like Rathi in its team, we are really progressing. Rathi was in changer of one of the largest equity exchanges in the world. He is a great addition to our team”.

Rathi And The Industry

From time, Rathi has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community. He has always aired his opinion on matters related to cryptocurrencies. During an interview with Options Insider back in June, he said:

“We at Cboe believe in the cryptocurrency industry. We are not concerned about price volatility. Our concern is whether or not a cryptocurrency is a tradable asset. We are embracing a holistic approach to it. Whether it has to do with adding new coins or new options, we are committed to it”.

In December 2017, Cboe launched Bitcoin Futures trading. It was quickly embraced and reached its peak on the 26th of April when over 18,210 contacts were traded. Cboe has also been actively advocating for the SEC to pass the approval for Bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

Rathi has built a reputation for himself as one who believes in innovation. In all the places he has worked in the past his passion for innovation has been made known. When he was working in NYSE, he helped bring about automated trading. In Cboe, he oversaw the launch and integration of Bats EDGX after it was acquired.


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