IOTA Foundation Set To Integrate MIOTA With Ledger Hardware Wallets 

IOTA Future Forecast: IOTA Foundation Set To Integrate MIOTA With Ledger Hardware Wallets – IOTA (MIOTA) NeIOTA Foundation, is making plans to integrate MIOTA tokens on Ledger’s hardware wallets. This is according to a press release the foundation shared yesterday. The non-profit organization incharge of the development of the IOTA blockchain and DLT has always been active in building and promoting the IOTA ecosystem. In 2017, the Germany-based foundation had foundation funds worth over $255 million. The $255 million was in tokens while $22 million was meant to fund the ecosystem. About $20 million was for unclaimed IOTA that was generated from crowdsale.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Today – MIOTA / USD


MIOTA’s Romeo and Trinity wallets will be integrated with Ledger Nano S. This will give users an extra layer of protection from cybercriminals. Users will be able to protect their private keys and access to the tokens will be limited to a chip that doesn’t always need to be in the computer or smartphones. The isolation is what protects the tokens from cybercriminals.

This way, when users want to perform transactions, they will have to validate it on the Ledger hardware wallet. The wallet will deploy a chip that can be used for passports and credit cards.

IOTA is Making Waves In The Industry

This hardware integration is one of the many good things IOTA has been achieving for a while now. Not too long ago, IOTA entered into a partnership with Fujitsu, a giant ICT conglomerate based in Japan. Both companies worked together to launch an IOTA-based PoC specifically for audit trail in the manufacturing industry. The company intends to use IOTA’s protocol as an immutable storage for data that will be used for audit trials across the production industry and within the supply chain. The goal is to improve trust and transparency as well as enhance data security.

Months ago, in June, one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, Volkswagen, displayed a PoC of how Tangle can be applicable in autonomous vehicles. Volkswagen was able to use Tangle to send software updates over-the-air among its connected car systems.

Tangle is one of IOTA’s DLT technology that was designed specifically for the Internet of Things. The open source protocol facilitates machine-to-machine interactions which includes real-time micropayments, data transfer in a secure environment, etc.

How Is MIOTA Doing Against The USD

At the time of writing, MIOTA was trading at $0.480194. This shows that it is up by 1.21% against the USD and up by 0.41% against Bitcoin. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $10,397,122 while the market capitalization is $1,334,715,100. The price action is positive for now and if it remains this way it will trade in green throughout the weekend.


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