Google Data Shows That Blockchain Technology Is More Popular Than Cryptocurrencies

While blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, it hasn’t been as popular as cryptocurrencies until now. Cryptocurrencies became more popular than the underlying blockchain technology because of the emergence and growth of Bitcoin and other similar coins. Recent data from Google, however, shows that blockchain technology is now more popular than cryptocurrencies. People are now showing more interest in the technology behind cryptocurrencies than cryptocurrencies themselves.

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After the spike in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies happened at the end of last year, people began to show more interest in the industry. In fact, data from Google trends show that search queries for the term blockchain increased significantly. It is more popular than cryptocurrencies. The first time this happens was in July. The number of people who wanted to understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies increased. This number gradually grew higher and higher. Since September, the number of searches for blockchain has been higher than that of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Is The Future

While Bitcoin is still the most typed search term in the cryptocurrency space, the term blockchain is searched for more than the term cryptocurrency but Bitcoin is still about ten times more popular than blockchain and other cryptocurrency terms.

Note that before the December 2017 hype, terms like blockchain and cryptocurrency were relatively close regarding number of searches. They have been close to each other for the last five years. These Google trends determine the most popular search term by scaling the resulting number of relative popularity (a scale of one to one hundred). This is done based on all the searches for that term. So, there is really no way of knowing what the real search numbers are for each term.

While this may not look like a big deal, it goes a long way to prove that blockchain technology is strong and would outlast cryptocurrencies as some experts have predicted. It is gradually becoming an everyday term. Eventually the term blockchain will become as popular as the internet itself.


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