TRON Is Bringing Crypto Advertising to BitTorrent

TRON (TRX) acquired BitTorrent recently, in a move that made shockwaves in the blockchain and file sharing spaces. It marked a major step towards closer collaboration between the two sectors, attracting its fair share of scrutiny.

Now, TRON is hoping to make some changes to the popular file sharing service that could have major benefits for crypto and blockchain. This includes allowing crypto projects and services to use BitTorrent’s own advertising network, which has been working well for some time.

BitTorrent allows its users to share large files easily on a peer-to-peer level. It has helped vastly simplify the process of exchanging data and media online, and changed the way we think about the internet.

And with around 100 million active monthly users and 45 million daily users, BitTorrent represents a huge ready-made audience for ads of any kind. That means getting into their advertising network brings a ton of opportunity for companies.

But it isn’t just a big audience — it’s the right audience for crypto companies too. BitTorrent’s user base consists largely of young, tech-savvy people who already understand well the benefits of a decentralized web.

After using BitTorrent, they’re likely to appreciate the advantages and importance of a more decentralized and democratic web, making them more sympathetic to the values of crypto and blockchain projects.

BitTorrent itself has always been a strong advocate for a more decentralized web, which makes it a natural ally of the blockchain and crypto industry and the perfect choice for this kind of collaboration.

Now, crypto projects will be able to use BitTorrent’s massive ad platform to spread the word about what they do in a way that could benefit the sector as a whole. But it won’t be open to just anyone — BitTorrent have pledged to only work with serious, established, and credible companies who already have a solid track record.

The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, hopes that the move will attract crypto projects. He said: “When leading crypto businesses think about driving global awareness for their projects, we hope they include BitTorrent in their overall advertising strategy.”

Moves like this one mark a new era for the blockchain space and help highlight just how mainstream the technology is becoming. By using BitTorrent’s massive reach to help boost the industry and connect with millions of people who could benefit from crypto and blockchain, it’ll be possible to take these sectors to the next level.

For crypto developers, meanwhile, this could be a great opportunity to get the word out to an enormous and engaged audience. To find out more about the project and how to get involved, visit


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