Best Option For Cross-Border Remittance: XRP (XRP) or Stellar (XLM)

The cryptographic currencies, XRP and Stellar, are moving out of their shells. The plan is to partner with platforms that have been blacklisted by Blockchain technology as selfish oriented and biased.

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Presently, there is a crypto war brewing, and it may escalate into full proportion. The technology backing Ripple and XRP are battling Stellar, its closest rival.

The length of the war is not yet known, but it is clear that a winner must emerge from the two.

The better option for cross-border payments

Ripple was launched six years ago but has made massive moves within this short time. These moves have increased its value on the market. It is currently third in ranking by market cap.

At the beginning Ripple was interested in making cross-border payments as easy as possible. The company succeeded, and it was ironical that its rival, Stellar had come into the scene hoping to replace Ripple.

Investors have no clue on which of the currencies should be used for the purpose. Many had pitched Stellar against XRP, but it isn’t fair to conclude hastily without giving every side fair hearing. Ripple started before XLM.

However, it isn’t enough leverage on. Rather insight into the functionality will end the argument once and for all.

Stellar set to Topple XRP

All through 2012 and 2013, Ripple dominated the industry when it comes to cross-border transactions. The solutions appeared to have gone sour after Stellar was launched a year later.

Since then, Stellar has been making moves to take over from XRP. It started this grand plan by collaborating with IBM. Analysts believe that this move gives XLM an upper hand in such payments. It is also the input that may bring the need coin on a fiat basis for users who want cross-border payment solutions.

Also, Stellar seems to work along with the dictates of user-oriented governance which is the rule of the Blockchain technology.

XLM is also channeled to assist the user to have a seamless payment across borders. Placing it close to XRP shows that XLM has a better chance of attracting and keeping users.

Is XRP better?

While it is true that XLM has the upper hand, XRP may still be better. This is because it is not clear how more people will use it.

For example, XLM has provided the unbanked population with access to various payment solutions with having a bank account. Banks are still important while using XRP.

XRP has been adopted by financial platforms like banks. Such platforms realized that XRP might be a threat in the long run and they decided to port some services to RippleNet. This is Ripple’s technology for some cross-border payments.

The similarities between both

Both Ripple and Stellar have common goals. The currencies want to make cross-border payment faster, cheaper and decentralized. They also share founders and do not require mining since they are composed of private nodes.

Ripple is still king

XLM is ahead because of ground-breaking partnership but lacks key staff in comparison with XRP. XRP has also built a strong community that is evident in its spot on the market cap list.


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