Top Ways To Benefit From Visiting Large Blockchain Events

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Important crypto forums, conferences and summits offer profitable opportunities for attendees like making valuable connections, finding investors, presenting projects and meeting the right people.

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One of the most popular Blockchain dedicated conferences called Consensus attracts CEOs, opinion leaders and specialists in the cryptocurrency industry. How can you utilize the opportunities it provides?

Here are some hacks to help:

Exhibitors/speakers lineup

If you are looking for an engaging event to take part in, you may see so many unfamiliar titles. One thing you should consider is the exhibitors and speakers line up.

A good event agenda must contain crypto industry opinion leaders, Blockchain experts, representatives of mature firms and funds. Startup only lineups are not recommended. This event may not be useful because you will not want to pitch your ideas to other startups.

Speaking opportunities

Don’t miss a chance to speak at the conference. Large events allow speakers to participate onstage and behind the scenes. Speakers are also relevant in after parties, side events and coffee breaks. Remember that your speech is the main tool for explaining the worth of your project. It also strengthens your network as you participate in panel discussions.

A great pitch

After choosing an event to visit, you should think of the pitch. When you aim to attract the attention of your audience fully, you need to prepare the pitch structure. When a pitch is well structured, each item must logically follow the last one.

A great pitch must contain:

A description of the problem facing the users in the market

A brief description of the project or short story of the firm

How the company will solve the problem at hand

Some successful cases include:

A clear call to action: a proposal for cooperation, an invitation to dialogue, a request for contact information.

You can check other pitches to rate them with the given scheme. Surely, you will want to make friends with people delivering exceptional speeches. It will be an excellent way to exchange experience and ideas.

After parties and side events

Top forums, conferences and summits often have satellite events as well. These events can be very helpful when you want to pass a message in a private and more relaxed atmosphere. These events may even be more effective than the official meetings. This is because the applications to such events are selected manually.

Private dinner

Always check if the event you are attending has private dinners included in the program. Such dinners host space where participants have a less stressed environment and time to speak to people. You are more likely to meet partners and investors here. Exclusive dinners may be expensive, but the result will give you a chance to create valuable connections.

Remember to always check the event and your preparedness for it.

Study the speaking opportunities, and don’t miss any one of them. Prepare a well-structured pitch to represent your company or project.

Also, check the list of other events on the side and pick the best ones to attend. Where the event offers exclusive dinners with influencers, study them and visit the most appropriate events.


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