Software Giant, Salesforce, Wins Patent For Fighting Email Spam With Blockchain Technology 

One of the largest software giants in the world, Salesforce, has just won a patent that outlined how it can use blockchain technology to stop spam and other unwanted messages from flooding the email boxes of users. The document was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday. It stated that platforms that are based on blockchain technology can be used to identify emails that are tampered with after they have passed the matching system. The system will also serve as a spam filter. It will be more efficient than current protocols that are used to filter spam.

How The Spam Filter Works

This platform is going to use a blockchain matching system to determine if emails are being sent legitimately to the address owner. When a user sends emails, part of it will be recorded on the blockchain. As soon as the second server receives the message, it will cross-reference it with a component and determine if it matches the part of the email that was saved on the blockchain. As long as the component matches, the email will be forwarded to the inbox. If it doesn’t match, it will be marked as spam. The system makes sure that messages are not modified during transit from one server to the other.

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The patents explains that people often use messaging systems to distribute undesirable and unwanted messages. This is referred to as spam. Another importance of using blockchain technology is that there will be nothing like false positives as is common with typical spam filters. The blockchain will reduce or completely eliminate the occurrence of false positives by matching the documents more accurately. The patent continued:

“This blockchain based system will identify legitimate messages more accurately and distinguish them from illegitimate ones. If it is used properly then, the distributed nature of the blockchain as well as its immutability will not allow anyone to modify any information as long as it has been committed to the blockchain”.

The immutable ledger is to be applicable to every information including information from the sender and recipient. The system can also be used to verify the authenticity of all forms of important documents from medical records, deeds, educational transcripts, legal documents, property rights, etc.

Salesforce And Blockchain Technology, Inc is a cloud-based software giant that is based in America. The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco, California. A huge part of the company’s revenue comes from products related to customer relationship management. However, the company also sells commercial applications for social networking through internal development and acquisition. The company has a cloud-based email distribution platform which it now intends to integrate into the blockchain.


This is not the first time the company is showing interest in blockchain technology. In March, the CEO of Salesforce, Mark Benioff said that the company is making plans to build some new products using blockchain technology. While he mentioned the company’s interest in blockchain technology, he did not give details about the kind of products he was referring to. The bottom line is that the adoption of blockchain technology is increasing day by day.


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