Review: A Secured Decentralized Communication Platform

What is Sylo

The Sylo Protocol offers confidential communication as a service to the Sylo Confidential Communication App. It is a decentralized communication protocol, which accelerates and standardized connectivity between connected applications on the Sylo network and users.

The communication part of the protocol is already in use within the Sylo app, which is a peer-to-peer communication application for confidential video calling, voice calling, and messaging. The application is downloadable from the Google Play Store and App Store and can be used for both Android and Apple devices.

Features of Sylo Protocol

The Sylo protocol is an autonomous communication network, which compensates resources with SYLOs in exchange for improving confidential communication, storage, and networking functions. Connected apps will have access to the communication part of the Sylo protocol in the form of a cost service.

An application fee will be contributed to the platform as a form of a maintenance fee. The Sylo protocol will standardize data formats for applications as the interaction between Sylo storage and the users. This gives room for a complete interoperability, which is a vital component in order to facilitate value sharing and functionality among connected applications within the Sylo ecosystem.

The main platform token known as SYLO serves as a utility token, which is used to fuel and access the Sylo protocol within a fully decentralized blockchain. To access the Sylo Protocol, users require the Sylo token and this enables them to have real-time communications such as messaging, voice, video, and data streaming.

Furthermore, the Sylo token enables users to charged communications, address book management, and decentralized storage. Remarkably, the Sylo team formed a partnership with Centrality, which enables the Sylo Protocol to be the only communication protocol for all decentralized applications within the Centrality environment.

Token Details

ICO Starts: Date 18 October 2018

ICO End Date: 18 December 2018

ICO Token Supply: 3,250,000,000

Ticker: SYLO

Type: Utility Token

Price: 1 Sylo = 0.0087 USD

Bounty Available

MVP/Prototype Available

Platform Ethereum: Accepting ETH

Minimum investment: 100 USD

Soft cap: 25000000 USD

Hard cap: 35000000 USD

Country: Singapore

Whitelist/KYC KYC

Restricted areas: USA, China, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand

Token Distribution – 32.5% wholesale purchase, 25% Protocol Pte Limited, 22.5% DN3010, 10% ecosystem incentivization, and 10% developers.

The Team of Sylo

The Sylo team has put together an impressive team of experts from different fields. There are over 30 professionals employed to ensure it provides all needed for the successful operation of the platform. Six directors Brian Russell, Aaron McDonald, Robin Johannink, Daniel Gillespie, Brendon Packard, and Dorian Johannink head the Sylo Protocol platform.

The team is conducting a Token Generating Event through its Singaporean subsidiary Company and is distributing the SYLOs at a rate of $0.0087. The event will run for 30 days or pending when the soft cap of $25 million is reached. There are indications that the company may extend the sale with a hard cap of $35 million USD.

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