Crypto Charity: Blockchain Paintings Are Drawing Attention to the Industry

tour de crypto charity

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have continued to spread through obvious means and some not-so-expected means. Crypto charity, sports and arts are a few ways blockchain awareness is being driven by some of the most talented and courageous individuals. In October, we reported the ordeal of bikers Jason Berlin and Jovel Velasquez who got into an accident along their ambitious journey to canvass support for blockchain and crypto.

Crypto Charity

The team embarked on the now famous “Tour de Crypto”, which involved a ride from New York to California to raise cryptocurrency for HAWC, a charity focused on ending domestic and sexual violence. Tour de Crypto went on to feature in the recently concluded World Crypto Con blockchain summit in Las Vegas. Next stop for the Tour de Crypto team is the ‘Washington Elite AI and Blockchain Summit’ where 5 percent of ticket sales will be used to support the Tour de Crypto charity drive. In an interview with the event convener Bruce Porter, Tour de Crypto’s Blake Rizzo unveiled the painting titled ‘Blood on the Podcast floor’ which will be auctioned to raise funds for charity.

“Blood on the Podcast floor”

As Porter describes it, the painting titled ‘Blood on the Podcast floor’ is a one–of–a–kind piece by mixed media artist Vesa Kivinen. Having created an entirely new form of art known as artevo, VESA is renowned in integral art and one cannot expect less than a masterpiece from him.

blood on the podcast floor vesa

Description of the Painting

The painting bears a giant headset representing the bad crypto podcast and a lot of cryptic messages hidden openly all over the painting. Vesa’s genius is evidently on display. The art is dedicated to the bad crypto podcast show, late singer Michael Jackson, counterculture icon Hunter S. Thompson, the World Crypto Con and Cryptos generally. They were all represented in the piece. He explains: “Bad Crypto is the king of blockchain podcasting hence the headphones so the listeners are royalty too… FM turned around obviously means (bad) motherfucker… The World Crypto Con logo is made into Hunter S Thompson…” Painting was autographed by top crypto influencers including Charlie Lee, Vinny Lingham, Ronnie Moas, Maxine Ryan, Joel Comm, and Travis Wright. More details about the art piece are found on the auction site here.

“Balance On The Chain”

Another crypto art on display is the “Balance On The Chain” by Nanu Berks, a talented artist with interest in Social, Tech. AI, and Communication. She enjoys sharing information about the blockchain evolution through wearable art.

FMBB nanu berksFMBB nanu berksPainting Description

A 3 ft by 4 ft and weighing 22 pounds, the piece “Balance On The Chain” portrays the fusion of masculine and feminine energies within blockchain systems. The description reads: “The masculine side shows the BTC in gold and the computer circuits, representing the tech, traditionally seen as “male” or “masculine” disciplines to study, however it is spray painted on an abstract matrix, which cannot be confined or defined, very traditional “feminine” assumptions of how our brains and emotions map out.” The piece which has can be reversed to display either of the masculine or feminine part, has been displayed on several art exhibitions including the LA dreams expo and the NYC prior to the auction. More details can be found on the auction site here.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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