Stefan Thomas Discloses Why He Left Ripple to Start a New Firm

Recently, Stefan Thomas – the founder of Coil – talked about his present firm and his former firm – Ripple Inc. He disclosed this in a Podcast with Epicenter. The CTO of Coil – Ben Sharafian – was also in the podcast. Coil – a micropayment platform – is a firm established by Thomas after he left Ripple Inc.

The founder and the CTO also talked about the monetization of content on websites to take over the conventional model of advertisement. Ripple Inc. is now one of the most of popular tech firm in the finance industry. During his stay at Ripple, he was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Why Stefan Thomas Left Ripple to Start a New Firm

During the interview, Thomas was asked a series of questions. One of the notable questions he answered was his reason for leaving Ripple Inc. to create a new firm. When asked why he left, Thomas disclosed the thought process behind it.

Thomas said: “He believes that Ripple Inc. is more focused on use-cases around XRP (XRP) and enterprise use cases as well. So this makes payments more efficient for their customers, payment services providers, banks, corporate bodies, and many more.”

He also talked about his working experience with clients during his stay at Ripple Inc. Thomas said his research team and Ripple Inc. found out that banks are apt towards suiting the interests of their clients. Whereas, the majority of banks have bigger corporates as their most important group of consumer. He added that this is not bests suited for the use cases that Inter Ledger offers.

The team behind the firm – Coil, also talked about numerous use-cases of Inter Ledger. Some of the use cases include the monetization of artistic work, online portals, and many more.

XRP (XRP) Still Holding the Position of Ethereum (ETH) as It Surges by 9 Percent

The crypto market is gradually sleeping off the hands of the bears. Over the past twenty-four hours, some of the top digital currencies have recorded some gains. One of the digital currencies with the highest gain so far is XRP (XRP). XRP (XRP) is recovering at a very high speed, and it appears to be way ahead of the curve.

At the beginning of this week, XRP (XRP) took over the position of Ethereum (ETH). In a period of two weeks, XRP has overtaken Ethereum (ETH) twice to sit at the second position on the list of digital currencies in the market. However, the damage this around seems severe. The gap between the market cap of XRP and ETH seems so large, and it is increasing every day.

So far, Binance accounts for the highest trading volume of XRP (XRP). Binance is one of the top digital currency trading platforms in the world. XRP/USDT and XRP/BTC are the two trading pairs with the highest trading volume on Binance. They both add up to $119.4 million.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

NamePrice24H %

At the time of writing, XRP (XRP) is trading at 51 cents after an increase of about 9 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $20.56 billion and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $843.65 million.

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