Mythical Games Announces the Launch of Its Blockchain-Based Game

Mythical Games – a startup gaming firm– has found its way into the gaming and blockchain industry. The firm recently raised a total of $16M in Series A funding. Mythical Games has been somehow quite but busy. The firm recently announced the premiere date of its first blockchain-based game on the EOS blockchain. According to the tweet of the firm, the game will premier early next year.

According to the firm, the first round of funding was targeted on the development of EOSIO blockchain. The funding was led by Galaxy Digital EOS Venture Capital Fund. Other supports came from Fenbushi, Javelin Venture Partners, OKCoin exchange, and the Divergence Digital Currency.

Mythical Games Plans to Introduce a New Era of Gaming

Mythical Games tweeted that Blankos “Blockchain Party” would be the first blockchain-based game it will launch. The game is about collectibles of vinyl toys brought to life. Mythical Games is aimed at increasing the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) via games. The firm is also building mobile, console, and PC games on the blockchain of EOSIO.

Mythical also said it would open its platform for other developers to develop games with player-owned economies on the blockchain of EOSIO. According to Mythical, the platform will bring content creators, developers, and players closer together. Mythical Games believes that a new era of games will be spawned by verifiable scarcity, true ownership of digital assets, and integrated secondary markets.

John Linden is the CEO of Mythical Games, and he was a studio head at Activision. His compliance officer and colleague – Jamie Jackson also worked at Activision. The head of blockchain at Mythical Games – Rudy Kock – was a senior producer at Blizzard – the creators of World of Warcraft. The firm has developed a lot of high profile games, such as Skylanders, Call of Duty, Marvel Strike Force, and Guitar Hero.

The CEO of Mythical Games said that the firm will work as a game studio and a publisher. Mythical aims to achieve this by working with other developers that want to develop in-game economies. He said that these player-owned economies might be as simple as using blockchain to tokenize game objects.

During an interview with GameDaily, the CEO said that gaming comes first for the firm. He said blockchain is placed in a second proposition. However, he said blockchain is a very fascinating technology. Adding that it will enable the gaming industry to move into the new generation of ownership.

According to a report by GameDaily, the first game of Mythical Games will be based on blockchain technology. The report also reveals that the game will not have a native digital currency. Rather, the game will use the traditional currency. The firm said it would channel more of its focus to console and PC-based games first. Adding that it would look into the mobile market later. According to the Linden, the firm is focused on full 3D games with rich worlds.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD


At the time of writing, EOS is changing hands at $4.61 after an increase of about two percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $4.17 billion and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $717.83 million.

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