JCC Bomb Hoaxer, Michael Kadar, Jailed After Making $800,000 In Bitcoin 


One of the reasons why some governments don’t approve of cryptocurrencies is that, due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, it has become the number one choice for criminals and terrorists on a global scale. Recently, Michael Kadar, a teenage American-Israeli who earned a living by making bomb threats was sentenced to 10 years in prison after accumulating hundreds of thousands in BTC from his hoaxing job.

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The information from the prosecutors is that the 19-year old boy has been involved in bomb hoaxing since he was a minor. Between the year 2015 and 2017, he single handedly dispensed 2,000 bomb threats. His reputation eventually got sealed with a nickname, the JCC bomb hoaxer. The reason why this name stuck was because most of his targets were Jewish Community Centers. He also targeted airports, malls, airlines, police stations, schools and hospitals. This is according to the report on New York Times.

Earning A Living By Making Bomb Threats

The young Kadar charged those interested in making fake bomb threats according to the location. Anyone who wanted a bomb threat in residential areas will pay $40 and anyone who wanted a bomb threat in commercial jets will pay $500. Bomb threats in schools cost $80. Note that the JCC bomb hoaxer was homeschooled because he had an autistic disorder that made it difficult for him to integrate with others.

According to the court documents, Kadar also serviced the darknet. He received payment for his services in Bitcoin (BTC) Kadar was able to raise up to 184 BTC which amounts to about $800,000 at the current prices.

In Israel, Kadar was paid to make bomb threats in a school by students who wanted to have their exams postponed. These threats occurred creating panic and making an emergency evacuation necessary. The exams were postponed as emergency services and police responded.

In other cases, his threats led to anarchy in the air as jet fighters scrambled in a bid to escort planes that were forced to land due to Kadar’s threats.

When declaring the verdict, Judge Zvi Gurfinkel said:

“We can only imagine the fear, terror and horror that passengers on a commercial airplane must have felt when they were forced to make an emergency landing. Some of these passengers suffered injury when they were trying to evacuate during the panic after the plane landed. Imagine the kind of panic that would have occurred in schools because of this same fake bomb threat.”

Kadar didn’t limit his campaign of terror to one place only. His career affected Argentina, the United States, Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, and New Zealand.

From his parents home in Ashkelon, Southern Isreal, Kadar successfully made bomb threats using sophisticated technology that allowed him to alter his location and voice. The police and the FBI had to work along with other security agencies from different parts of the world in a bid to bring him to justice.

Apart from the BTC that was recovered, thousands of dollars in cash were also recovered from his home during the raid. After he was arrested, he refused to give out the details of his Bitcoin wallet which held most of his earnings.


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