US Department Of Veterans Affairs (VA) May Benefit From Using Blockchain For GI Bill Payments

From time, the United States government has always taken good care of veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs is a body that has been formed to promote the interest of veterans in the United States. The VA is responsible for GI Bill payments for veterans who were discharged honorably. These veterans are entitled to a full scholarships to any school they like. They are also entitled to living allowance that is equal to the housing benefits of a sergeant who is serving in the army. This program is better than the previous GI Bills because it ensures that veterans can fully reintegrate with society after retirement from active duty.

Unfortunately, not every veteran benefits from this scheme. Most of them have been left to fend for themselves. This isn’t because the money isn’t there or the VA isn’t ready to provide the funds. According to the VA officials, the reason why some veterans don’t benefit from this program is the inefficiency of the technology being used. The payments get stalled not because of administrative difficulties but because of technical difficulties. The head of the Veteran’s Benefit Administration, Paul Lawrence, said that he made a mistake by giving a deadline for the repair of the program. He confessed that he has no clue when the technical challenges will be fixed.

How Does Blockchain Technology Come Into Play?

These kind of technical difficulties would not have occurred if the Government used an open source solution like the blockchain. According to an author who suggested the use of blockchain technology by the VA, all software licensed and developed by the government should be open source. This is because, in a democratic system, it belongs to the people. If a new system implementation is being delayed because of engineering problems, then the best approach would be an open-source solution.

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Enabling payments is one of the core functions of blockchain technology. It provides privacy and security both of which are necessary when dealing with private information like GI Bills. Instead of building a new system that will end up being replaced in the next 5 to 20 years, the VA should have just implemented blockchain technology.

This doesn’t mean that veterans should be paid in cryptocurrencies. What it means is that blockchain technology can be used to track and make payments more efficiently than the current technically flawed system. Blockchain technology like that provided by Ripple can be used to facilitate payments to veterans if applied by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of the data can be made public so the veteran can simply input a key when checking if benefits have been paid or not. This sort of move is certainly going to restore trust within the system.


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