Fraudulent Tweet from Bitcoin (BTC) Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto Exposed By Jimmy Song – Bitcoin Developer

Recently, there was some argument by Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC regarding the legitimacy of an alleged tweet from Satoshi Nakamoto – the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin (BTC). At the moment, the tweet, as well as the account, can no longer be found on the social media platform.

The Tweet from Satoshi

The content of the tweet states: “I don’t want to be public, but Segregated Witness (SegWit) has an issue. If the issue is not resolved, nothing will be left and I would have failed. There is only one way for Bitcoin (BTC) to survive, and it’s imperative to me that it works. Important enough, that I’ll be aware of it openly. He ended the tweet with a signature that looks legitimate on the surface.

Jimmy Song Said the Signature Was Fake

Nevertheless, those that are much more educated on the subject said it was a false signature. Jimmy Song also came out to prove that the signature was falsified by reproducing the forgery in his own example. Jimmy song is a professional blockchain developer. He previously worked on Armory and Paxos. Jimmy also made a debut in the finance industry as a partner at Blockchain Capital.

He often makes blog posts on subjects related to Bitcoin (BTC). As such, he couldn’t resist the urge to criticize whatever dreams people had that the creator of Bitcoin (BTC) is back with an anti-SegWit message. Jimmy quickly concluded that the signature was forged.

According to Jimmy: ”The tweet is just like someone that is proving he/she can run a marathon for two hours while allowing people to observe them only at the finish line. The fraudulent signature is just like someone running a marathon for two hours by starting at the finish line.

Jimmy said that Calvin Ayre – a billionaire investor – used the tweet from @satoshi as a proof that the inventor of Bitcoin (BTC) is alive. Calvin Ayer said in a tweet that Satoshi still lives because of the signature from key 9. He said that Satoshi is likely upset at and Bitmain for attacking Bitcoin.

About the @Satoshi Handle on Twitter

According to research, the @satoshi account has been in existence for long, and it’s almost as old as Twitter itself. The research reveals that the account only started tweeting about Bitcoin (BTC) recently. The research shows that back in 2013 when Bitcoin (BTC) started becoming popular, the account was private and it had less than fifty followers.

Accounts on Twitter have often been sold online. Prices depend on the username, number of followers, and popularity of the account. The person that made the false signature tweet, with claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto over the past week, might have bought the Twitter handle. However, Twitter has taken down the account and it is currently under review as it violates their wide-berth terms of use.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

NamePrice24H %

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently down to $3,852 after a decrease of about 12 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $67 billion and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $4.70 billion.

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