Price of XRP (XRP) Set at $0.4 as the Bulls Finally Take Back Control

Ripple XRP Price Prediction

We can recall that not long ago the digital asset market experienced turbulent times as the price of the top digital currencies dropped. Now it appears we are moving past that phase because recent trade movement indicates that all the major virtual currencies are on the rise. Now we must be wondering how things will move going forward.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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In the case of the XRP token, its current upward shift is well in line with the position of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The only downside observed here is how BTC’s value didn’t make any gains despite the changes in the market atmosphere. This is a situation that can become a problem for most digital currencies.

The Price of XRP Keeps Moving Upwards

While some crypto proponents will argue that a major correction in the upward side was only a matter of time, let’s not forget that there are always a number of factors that influence such developments. There isn’t any guarantee that a digital asset will follow the general market trend. Take an example; Bitcoin Cash SV is not being suppressed or having an adverse trend at the moment. It’s just stagnant.

XRP Has Managed a 13% Increase in Value Since the Fortunes of the Market Changed

On the other hand, XRP is improving gradually. The value of the cryptocurrency has risen by 13% in only a few hours. This shift puts it in the same framework with the almighty Bitcoin (BTC). However, the price of XRP is not rising due because of an increase in BTC ratio, because the cryptocurrency lost 1.2%. That is somewhat a surprise, albeit not something to really concern ourselves about.

As is the case, the current price of XRP has got many people excited. Everyone wants a market rebound sooner. And it has come. The overall market capitalization of the XRP (XRP) token is quite impressive. This is true when it is compared to the total market capitalization of the top digital assets. It is essential to indicate that interesting things are happening in the space with more expected to happen should this upward trend remain in place.

Why is the Market Cap of XRP So High?

It will be difficult to deny the recent price charts for XRP, Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH). They actually look identical. They all dipped the same and rose the same. They dipped again, and have now turned bullish in quick succession. This interesting trend shows how everything is connected to Bitcoin (BTC). Whether or not this sign is good for XRP, remains to be seen.

There is a YouTube video making rounds. The video displays a debate about Ripple and XRP. Though it isn’t something that was officially released by the network or its representatives, it shows the XRP community shouldn’t be underestimated at any point. Spreading word about the token can be done in different ways. This is why efforts like these are excellent for the course.

The question is whether this market trend is sustainable or not. If this isn’t attainable, the momentum might dry up quickly. Although, the early gains are easier to achieve before anything else. Hence, we can only anticipate what the future holds for digital assets and how it affects XRP’s price.

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