EOS dApps To Be Taken Over By China – EOS Latest Update

dApps became the next big thing in the digital asset sector since the blockchain industry came to light. The SV research team looked at data highlighting the state of dApps during the period of Sep. 12 to Oct. 18.

In the end, it found that gambling dApps made up for most of the dApps available. They reported that out of every ten decentralized gambling dApps based on everyday experience, China’s development team holds four seats. The country is also home to the highest number of users as well.

A Breakdown of The SV Research Team’s Findings

From the above, we can see that according to data collected from State of the dApps through the period of Sep. 12 to Oct. 18 this year, gambling has had the most dApps among every available category. In fact, the total sum of gambling dApps during that period is nearly 450. During the said dates on September and October 2018, gambling dApps were the only dApps that had a measure of growth while the others were losing ground and dropping.

China has the highest number of users with four seats among the top ten gambling dApps R&D teams including BetDice, Funcity, Lucky Plaza, and EOSBet. If you open the app pages, you will be able to see that the ten that make up the list are dApps with both Chinese and English formats. Meaning that developers have probably realized that Chinese users may actually be the target consumer market of gambling games.

About China’s Gambling Industry, FarmEOS

In the United States, there is no specific law against gambling particularly gambling in online. However, in China, the case is different. The public is not allowed to attend online casinos or participate in online gambling. Although, there are dice and poker games online with the majority of the players of Chinese and Russian origin. According to a report by Hackernoon, since mid-October 2018, FarmEOS has turned into a hit. In only 24 hours the dApp reported a turnover of about 100 million RMB which exacerbated the boost CPU resource mortgage prices of EOS at some point. The success of this dApp can be attributed to a number of factors.

Firstly, participating in FarmEOS is similar to mining. It has also designed its token known as FARM. FARM can be obtained if you participate in the lottery game. Once a player participates, they will automatically get a FARM token equal to 1.5% of their betting amount.

FARM Allows Trading in Tokens in Limitless Depth and Mobility

The second is that in FarmEOS, the FARM is released via Bancor. While in the Bancor mode, trading in digital tokens can be achieved in almost unlimited depth and mobility. And the last consideration is that in this endeavor the number of FARM assets and how the dividends weigh are independent of each other. Even though you may be in possession of more tokens, it does not necessarily mean that you will be getting more dividends. It is safe to say; more dividends can be obtained going by this; the higher the account weighs, the more the number of dividends.


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