Video Game Giant Ubisoft is Exploring Blockchain Technology

French game publisher Ubisoft is trying to explore the potential blockchain technology as the company looks for an alternative to gaming for future possibilities. The Lab’s director of trends and insights, Lidwine Sauer explain that the company is expressly interested in the ability of the blockchain to provide unique ownership on digital items.

The Blockchain is like a digital Picasso, Lidwine Sauer said, with the advantage, it’s harder to steal on the blockchain than a Picasso. She believes the company is trying to discover some interesting things through blockchain.

The blockchain allows digital items to be unique as opposed to untold numbers of replications of digital products, she said. One use case the company is much interested in is related to the exceptional downloadable content, which is issued by a game’s publisher.

Research Expands

The laboratory research has extended from blockchain, and Artifical intelligence (AI) changes to cryptocurrency as well as the blending of the digital and physical. Lidwine Sauer cited an example of Starlink Battle for Atlas, the game allows users to design a starship in real-life and see it change in real-time.

She said the company asks itself if a trend generates an opportunity for the innovation of new services and games. She cited previous years Bridge Crew of Star Trek as an example of Artifical intelligence voice command capabilities, an extension to the newly introduced Sam, the gaming interface introduced to beta.

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