Sirin Labs’ Blockchain Phone Will Be Debuted In December And It Costs $999

Earlier in the year, Sirin Labs announced that it would be creating a blockchain-based smartphone. One of the intriguing things about the announcement is that the phone costs just $999 approximately the same amount as some high end smartphones by Apple and Samsung. Well, the new reports is that the company will start shipping the phone in December.

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During an event in Barcelona yesterday, the company unveiled the final design of the phone promising to advance the user experience of decentralized applications on its hardware. Sirin Labs, claims that it raised $157 million through an ICO and this money was used to fund the development of the device. Even if the company has promised to provide an excellent user experience, there are still not enough decentralized applications in the industry to make the phone’s adoption wide spread.

The company didn’t give information about the exact date it intends to launch the phone. However, the CMO of the company, Nimrod May, said that the phone might be released between the 15th and 25th of December. The phone was produced with assistance from one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world, Foxconn.

If you have any interest in the device, you can pre-order now and be among the first set of people to use the blockchain-based phone. However, you may need to buy the Sirin (SRN) tokens to place the order. The company promises to make more payment options available soon. The company did not disclose the pre-ordered figure. However, the CMO was confident that over a 100,000 pieces have already been ordered.

The SRN token doesn’t influence the price of the device in any way. So, users who made pre-orders in the token sale will still enjoy spot price. The SRN token ranged from $0.06 to $0.18 within a three month period.

How Secure Will The Device Be?

The device has been made to carry cryptocurrencies. So, the company promises that it is going to be security tight. May, said that the team of developers have ample experience in cybersecurity. The phone will use artificial intelligence for intrusion detection. It was also built with a modified version of the Android OS known as SirinOS. This operating system was designed with blockchain technology in mind.

So, it’s obvious that the security features of the phone will make it the perfect cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to interact with the wallet on an LCD screen. There is an app store known as dCenter that was designed by the company. Users who use the app store will have the benefit of earning free tokens. The company intends to make cryptocurrencies easier to access and use by the masses. The phone will allow users to convert different tokens and use them on any app they choose. Right now, the SRN token can be converted to BTC, SRN and ETH.

Who Else Is Interested In Creating Blockchain Smartphones?

Ever since Sirin Labs announced that it was going to release a blockchain-based phone, other tech companies have also proposed similar projects. One of them is long-time phone manufacturer, HTC. HTC has promised to produce a blockchain-based phone that will work with cryptocurrencies. Upstart Pundi also promised to debut a similar device soon.


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