Bakkt To Include Ethereum Contracts in Initial Launch Plans

According to reports, the Intercontinental Exchange subsidiary Bakkt will include Ethereum contracts in its initial launch plans. Everyone has been waiting for the crypto exchange created by the New York Stock Exchange owners to go live. While there are some individuals, who see the exchange as something designed to save the digital asset industry from doom, a section of the populace believe it is a new attempt from the financial sector to water down the actual purpose of Bitcoin (BTC).

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In any possible outcome, Bakkt is always regarded as important when it does anything significant. Now it is beginning to look like the exchange is going to do something huge since Bakkt is going to add Ethereum contracts to its platform when the investment startup is finally launched. The initial report was given by The Abacus Journal.

Bakkt Open to Listing More Digital Assets on its Platform

With recent tweets indicating that Bakkt is considering adding more digital assets for trading on its platform and with the platforms CEO, Kelly Loeffler as well as Intercontinental Exchange’s CEO, Jeffrey Sprecher speaking about crypto futures beyond the world’s largest digital currency by market cap Bitcoin (BTC) being made, it is safe to say that something good is on the horizon.

It appears BTC won’t be the only token to be listed on the platform. According to the Abacus, Journal Bakkt is aware of how the regulation will wind up. The journal says that the company is preparing for the 2019 financial year as well as better regulation of digital assets. This could speed up things and help the dwindling market situation.

Abacus Journal: Three Sources Say Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Will be Listed on Bakkt

The Abacus Journal is reporting that three separate independent sources from the company, are offering documents to prove that the startup listed both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as the cryptocurrencies that will be listed on the platform when the time it will be launched comes. Some other sources close to the exchange have indicated that the platform decided to take one step back because there was still regulatory uncertainty about Ethereum (ETH). That is whether or not it will be regulated.

This indicates that there’s an excellent chance that the startup will list Ethereum (ETH) along side Bitcoin (BTC) because they will follow regulation. Because Ether may likely be considered a commodity instead of securities makes this rumor feasible.

Ethereum Contracts Listing Rumors Unconfirmed by Bakkt but Still Very Significant

The rumor that the Abacus Journal is trying to defend is that BTC and ETH may become the gold and silver of the network’s crypto futures contracts. While Bakkt hasn’t affirmed the report with 100% certainty, the rumor is something that isn’t off the table. Hence, it appears to be very significant. Finally, depending on regulatory approval and other primary considerations that are occasionally not feasible for retail investors, there’s a probability that Bakkt will list Ethereum (ETH).

We can only wait to see if this will happen when Bakkt goes live next year. The question is will next year be the golden year for digital assets? Time will tell. But we hope things will get better.


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