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E-commerce giant Amazon on Nov. 28 announced the launch of two products including the Amazon QLDB (Quantum Ledger Database) and Amazon Managed Blockchain. The e-commerce powerhouse marked its expansion into blockchain technology, which was initiated by blockchain-related patents along with collaborations that Amazon chose over working with digital currencies.

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)

According to Amazon’s website, the QLDB is designed to offer “immutable, transparent, and cryptographically verifiable transactions by a central trusted authority.” All changes are recorded on-chain. The new product can automatically “execute 2–3X more transactions than ledgers in the traditional blockchain frameworks.” QLDB “will be scalable, with a much flexible and robust API sets for you to make changes to the ledger database.” QLDB allegedly operates a cryptographic hash function known as SHA-256 to activate a secure output file showing data change history as proof that “confirms the integrity of any data changes.”

QLDB allows you can enjoy an immutable data change history and with cryptography, you will easily be able to confirm that there haven’t been any modifications that you didn’t facilitate.

According to the co-founder of The Costa Rican Blockchain Ecosystem, Walter Montes, QLDB can’t be compared to decentralized options. Even if you try to compare Quantum Ledger Database, there will still be several major distinctions between both initiatives.

That makes QLDB a database, says Blockchain researcher and former software engineer, Eyal Shani. Additionally, Montes agreed that QLDB looks like a conventional database, going on to add that its cryptography feature makes it inferior to other blockchains when it comes to safety. Moreover, because they will have a central authority designed to oversee the whole process, it may make it less reliable when it comes to competing businesses.

Why Does QLDB Avoid Decentralization?

So which group makes up the potential users of the QLDB solution? It may be those who are now skeptical of blockchain, now that the hype surrounding the sector has started to settle. Hence, with further development of the Blockchain sector comes greater adoption. It may take more time before decentralization becomes more trusted among corporations looking to protect their data from tampering or protection from hackers.

Amazon Managed Blockchain

The Amazon Managed Blockchain announced alongside the QLDB, “makes it a lot easier to make and manage scalable blockchains using popular open source frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum,” it operates with QLDB as well according to the Amazon’s website.

Furthermore, the product automatically scales based on the needs of unique applications. It is deployed when it comes to managing certificates, inviting users and tracing metrics, like memory and storage resources or the use of the computer. AWS CEO, Andy Jassy, believes that the service “will make it easier to use the most popular two among the blockchain frameworks.

Shani questions the argument by indicating that the Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchains are “easily” functional in the present atmosphere. The blockchain researcher stressed the vagueness of Amazon operating autonomously as a single cloud provider.” However, the fact that a firm as large as Amazon launched new blockchain-related products may appear like a healthy sign for the entire digital asset space. It is probably a sign of good things to come.

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