Pseudonymous BCH Developer Outlines a Series of Accusations against Development Team of Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin.Com

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A pseudonymous developer _unwriter recently posted an explosive article on that is presently gaining the attention of the BCH community. The developer basically works with BitSocket and BitDB – two Bitcoin Cash infrastructure projects.

The two projects are very important to several Bitcoin Cash community outfits. In the article, the developer imposed a series of accusations against the development team of Bitcoin ABC,, as well as Bitmain.

Facts Pointed Out By _Unwriter

The developer pointed out a lot of facts in the article. One of the things he pointed out is that Bitcoin Cash ABC became centralized irrespective of their plans of using checkpoints after the hard fork. Bitcoin Cash ABC rushed an outbreak of patches immediately after the hard fork, and this led to harm that is not reversible.

He also pointed out that Bitcoin is defined by how it’s secured and how it scales. If both features are not on the chain and by the Proof-of-Work protocol, then they are not Bitcoin. Maximalism of Bitcoin is a common sense approach to development. The developer also said that the platform of Bitcoin Cash ABC is no longer a reasonable one for him to develop on.

_unwriter said: “I don’t want to invest my resources and time on a platform that can undermine my ‘Permissionless innovation` easily. For instance, if you develop anything that contends with Wormhole, expect to get it sidelined in several subtle ways, so subtle that you will not even realize it until it hits you in the form of a Bitcoin ABC protocol update.

The developer also released a video to show that the delegates of Bitcoin Cash ABC were publicly celebrating the use of potentially illicit checkpoints in its war to win the BCH ticker or to retain the symbol of BCH across trading platforms. This was a move that peeved Calvin Ayre – the owner of CoinGeek and a billionaire digital currency investor. Ayre wanted both chains to be renamed in terms of the trading symbol.

The Search Term “Bitcoin Cash” Sees a Notable Increase

Since late October, there has been a considerable increase in search queries for Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies. The crypto industry is experiencing such an increase despite the downward trend in the market that has left many investors in shock.

According to Google Trends, the search for Bitcoin (BTC) has increased to a 4-month volume high. The recent results also show that Bitcoin Cash has seen a notable increase in volume. Two industry savants – Mati Greenspan and Thomas Lee – also commented on the trend.

Thomas Lee said the statistic is interesting and Greenspan said the crypto industry is back in business. Interestingly, this trend has gone viral on mainstream media. This would increase in the awareness of digital currencies and result in an increase in the adoption of digital currencies.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently trading at $166 after losing more than seven percent of its value over the past twenty-four hours. The digital currency currently boasts of a market cap of $2.91 billion and a trading volume of $74.70 million over the past twenty-four hours.

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