CryptoBlockCon Returns to Las Vegas Next Week

Once again, Las Vegas will be playing host to one of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency events, the CryptoBlockCon. “CryptoBlockCon Las Vegas 2018” is slated to hold Tuesday 11th December to Wednesday 12th December. The organizers explain that the event will afford participants the opportunity to discuss the future benefits & possibilities of blockchain technology and crypto assets.

Event Features

At a time when ICOs are on the brink, the conference includes a timely workshop to help investors not only avoid scam ICOs but to also identify viable projects whose potential far outweigh the risks. The workshop will be handled by Dr. Merav Ozair, Founder of crypto research and analysis firm CryptoNerve.

Other areas of interest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector will be addressed during the two-day event. Lectures and panel sessions will address areas like “the role of Banking and Commerce in the Developing World”, “Security & Privacy in Blockchain”, “Integrating Blockchain in Existing Businesses” and others.

The panelists also describe novel ways blockchain is addressing industry-specific challenges in sectors like healthcare, supply chain and logistics, event management, digital Identity, music rights, gaming and entertainment.

On the more technical side, speakers and panelists are billed to make presentations on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Proof of Concept, Smart Contracts all in relation to blockchain technology. Participants will be introduced to the world of Blockchain 3.0 as well as “the Future of the tokenized Economy: security, stable, non-fungible & utility tokens.” There are also insight sessions and rare documentaries on the role of blockchain around the world.

As is the tradition with CryptoBlockCon, the Las Vegas outing will be spiced with several networking opportunities, exhibitions, and cocktail receptions.

Speakers and Panelists

CryptoBlockCon Las Vegas 2018 boasts a lot of competent resource persons from within and outside the crypto space including blockchain pioneers, financial and investment experts, as well as representatives from government and regulatory agencies. Some of the speakers are David Chaum (Founder, Elixxir), Roman Tsarovsky (CTO at Serve), Shawnna Hoffman of IBM, and Steven Olson from the Legislative Branch of the US Government.

Past CryptoBlockCon Events

CryptoBlockCon conferences have proven to be as eventful as they are beneficial to the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

The last time the conference held in Las Vegas—that is, CryptoBlockCon Las Vegas 2017—it featured notable speakers and a very interesting schedule. The event which took place on December 13th of last year had Jeremy Gardner, the founder of prediction protocol Augur speak on ‘Buying into a Bubble’ where he spoke hypothetically of bitcoin losing 90 percent of its value form the all-time high. Far from pessimistic, he proffered advice on how to buy into valuable assets like bitcoin in what appears to be a bubble. Gardner’s Augur will go on to launch later in 2018 seeing significant traction during the Football World Cup period and the U.S. midterm elections. The event speaker list included notable names like Spencer Montgomery, Microsoft’s blockchain product team manager.

CryptoBlockCon has also been held in Los Angeles, New York, and recently in London.

Tickets and Registration

More information about the conference including a comprehensive schedule and speaker list can be found on the conference website. Information about event tickets and registrations are also contained there.

As Creative partners, Smartereum will be on hand to deliver insights and experiences from the conference starting December 11.



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