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A recent analysis of the charts indicate that the price of Ethereum (ETH) has continued to drop sharply. In fact, the rate at which the digital asset is falling is much higher compared to other assets among the top tokens. This continued downward spiral has surprised investors and is causing concerns among many regarding were the digital asset is heading.

It appears that no bottom is OK for Ethereum (ETH) as it continues to drop. Currently, Ethereum (ETH) is trading around $103. This shows that the digital asset has fallen from approximately $1200 since the start of the year. Thus, the token has lost over 90% of its original value due to the highly volatile market.

Ethereum (ETH) at Risk of Drowning into the Double Digits

Ether is at risk of going into double digits because the next support area for the cryptocurrency is at the $100 position. There’s a psychological and technical support. Which is why the support line is very important. The last time ETH saw these levels was May 2017. At the time, the digital asset had formed a support of $91.

This clearly indicates that if the price of the digital asset breaks the psychological and technical support area of $100; it can drop to $91. This is the primary reason why it is crucial for the digital asset to retain the $100 support of area. The issue is that the downside momentum is ferocious to the point that it might break $100 as well.

Double digits for ETH is now becoming more of a possibility rather than an imagination. Hence, the reason why investors remain sceptical about Ethereum (ETH) considering the significant amount of value it has lost.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – ETH / USD

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Ethereum (ETH) Has Lost a Significant Portion of its Value Compared to the Other Top Assets

As mentioned above Ether has lost a huge portion of its value. The figure stands at 90% as of press time. Among the top three virtual currencies, none of have lost such a huge amount of value. Ethereum’s value erosion is nothing short of enormous. And with the Initial Coin Offering market now in trouble, it appears the issues Ethereum (ETH) is facing isn’t about to end anytime soon. Authorities around the world have started tightening the regulation of ICOs. This is why the fundamentals are not positive.

A Fall Below the $100 Area Appears Likely

The current price movement of Ether means that a fall below $100 is imminent. Yes, things are not actually looking good for Ether. Additionally, with the competition within the Blockchain increasing from the other virtual currencies, the use of the Ethereum blockchain isn’t increasing by any means at a faster pace when compared to what it was earlier.

Whether we will see a turn around in the fate of the digital asset remains to be seen. We can’t say if it will hit the heights it attained when things were better. That is another matter altogether. For now, however, it appears that there is no bottom deep enough for the Ether token price.

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