Hyperledger Blockchain Project Welcomes 16 New Members To Its Consortium 

In a bid to expand its consortium, Hyperledger has welcomed 16 new members. Yesterday, during the Hyperledger Global Forum in Switzerland, Hyperledger announced that it is welcoming 16 new establishments to its consortium. The names of the new members are: a subsidiary cloud computing firm of Alibaba, Alibaba Cloud, We.Trade, a trade finance platform based on blockchain technology, financial services company Citi Ventures arm and Citigroup, the biggest telecommunications provider in Europe, Deutsche Telekom, BlockDao, Xooa, Guangzhishu Technology, KEB Hana Bank, Guangzhou Technology Innovation Space Information Technology, HealthVerity, Techrock, and MediConCen.

Over 260 Members And Counting

Thanks to the new addition, Hyperledger now boasts of over 260 members. Brian Behlendorf, an executive director at Hyperledger said that these new additions show that people are becoming more interested in blockchain technology as the day goes by. In his words:

“The Hyperledger community is growing to reflect the importance of open source efforts to build enterprise blockchain technologies for various industries. These new members show that there is an increasing interest in Hyperledger and decentralized technology.”

A senior VC at Deutsche Telekom who is also the head of the company’s R&D unit T-Labs, said that it was a natural choice to build roaming applications on Hyperledger’s Fabric. Also, he said that businesses benefit from using open source permissioned platforms like the one based on Hyperledger’s Fabric. This is because it provides a production-friendly ecosystem that is ideal for groups that have multiple stakeholders.

In recent months, Hyperledger has been adding new members on a regular basis. It has also been publishing developer tools that allow them to use the software efficiently. Earlier in the month, a cryptographic library was released by the consortium. The library is called Ursa and it helped blockchain developers to easily create implementations even while they cut bugs.

About Hyperledger

The Hyperledger project is a consortium project of open source blockchains and everything related. It was developed by Linux Foundation in the year 2015. Already, industry leaders like SAP, IBM and Intel are part of Hyperledger’s umbrella. They all support the collaborative development of DLT.


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