Blockchain Developer Is the Fastest Growing Emerging Job in the U.S – LinkedIn

Blockchain is one of the most fascinating and useful technologies the world has ever seen. The technology has a wide range of use cases. The majority of its potential use cases have not even been discovered yet. Blockchain is the underlying technology for the majority of digital currencies in the crypto market. The technology has also created a lot of job opportunities all over the world.

The Fastest Growing Emerging Jobs – Blockchain Developer

Recently, it was revealed that the role of blockchain developers is the fastest growing emerging job in America. This was revealed in the “2018 US Emerging Jobs” report by LinkedIn, and it was released on the 13th of December. LinkedIn used data from its Economic Graph to prepare the report.

The business and employment oriented service used the data to analyze the positions that firms are rapidly hiring for. They also analyzed the skills associated with those positions as well as the emerged roles in the last five years. According to the professional social network, in the last twelve months, the role of blockchain developer has seen an increase of 33x.

LinkedIn also found that the cities with the highest demand for blockchain developers are New York City, San Francisco, and Atlanta. According to LinkedIn, some of the skills required for the role include blockchain, solidity, digital currency, Ethereum, and Node.js.

Artificial Intelligence Makes It to the List of Top Emerging Jobs

Among the top emerging jobs for this year are artificial intelligence specialists. In addition to that, 20 percent of the emerging jobs are in some way related to artificial intelligence. Machine learning engineers have also been recording 12x growth from year to year.

According to LinkedIn, the major skills required for machine learning engineering include machine learning, deep learning, Apache Spark, tensorflow, and natural language processing. Back in 2016, LinkedIn published 645 vacancies tagged with the words Bitcoin, blockchain, and digital currency.

That number increased to about 1,800 by 2017. By May this year, the number of vacancies has surged from 1,800 to 4,500. As of recent, the search system of LinkedIn shows more than 13,000 vacancies related to blockchain and about 2,500 vacancies related to digital currency.

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According to a report by Glassdoor – a job review platform – firms in the US had posted 1,775 jobs related to blockchain technology as of August this year. This is three times greater than the number of blockchain related vacancies last year.

About 80 percent of the free positions are concentrated in the fifteen biggest cities in the U.S. The regions with the highest demand are New York and San Francisco. New York City is the highest as it accounts for 24% of the total number of digital currency-related job offers. Whereas, San Francisco accounts for 21%.

Within the past three weeks, Facebook – a social media giant – published five new jobs related to blockchain on its career page. The firm is looking for blockchain engineers at the Facebook Blockchain Data Engineering Team. According to the description on the ad, the vacant positions are categorized as intellectually and technically challenging work. The ad further described that it will have an enormous global impact.

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