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It is no surprise these days that Blockchain courses are now being adopted by institutions as a way of educating and equipping the future generation of crypto engineers to ensure that the increasing demand for the technology and its application are met.

Now, reports indicate that the University of California, in Los Angeles (UCLA) is now gearing up to launch its first Blockchain engineering course. This was made possible by a sizable donation from MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator.

UCLA Will Run Technical Blockchain Programming From January Next Year

UCLA had previously organized cryptocurrency and Blockchain seminars via its Anderson School of Management. Now the higher institution has revealed that it will run a full technical Blockchain engineering course from the start of 2019. The Blockchain programming course will be offered in the university as a 4-credit special topics course.

It will be an upper-division elective course that will be open to students of computer science, electrical engineering and computer engineering. It will cover topics such as an overview of Blockchain-based concepts, Ethereum, crypto tokens, decentralized apps (dApps), hash functions and smart contracts to mention a few.

The Blockchain programming course will be led by John D. Villasenor, a professor of the management, electrical, electronics engineering, and public policy departments. His assistants will be Andrew Batta and Jason Huan both of whom have facilitated workshops on Blockchain via Blockchain at UCLA. MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator is a renowned organization that makes investments in blockchain-based projects. Giving them access to crypto developers and engineers who will work on their projects, and dedicated support staff, such as marketing officers, and business management experts to help in real-use cases.

The company has stated that it is looking into plans to include more schools in the university program from next year. Citing that moves towards an international expansion are in the works already. The Chief Operations Officer at MouseBelt, Patrick McLain, told CCN via an email:

“While the market looks scary now, we believe that the future is bright for crypto and Blockchain. There’s no better way we know to invest in the future of Blockchain than investing in our youths. For us, this is the beginning of setting up a bright future ahead via our University Program.”

Slots for Registration Have Quickly Filled up

This course is accredited by UCLA, and actually requires candidates to have a background or an idea of programming from the basic-level classes. One MouseBelt representative who spoke with CCN said that slots for the course had been taken despite the fact that registration has been open for only a few days. By taking this step, UCLA has now joined the long list of universities that provide full-fledged Blockchain-based courses.

The University of Tokyo is also Offering DLT

In early November, the University of  Tokyo announced that it would start offering a DLT course in its engineering department. The DLT course, which is now called the Blockchain Innovation Donation Course, came to light Nov. 1. The program is set to run until the month of October 2021. Plans for the DLT course was realized thanks to sizable donations totaling to about $800,000 from organizations like the banking giant Sumimoto Mitsui and the Ethereum Foundation.

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