“Bitcoin (BTC) is Dead in the Long Term,” Millionaire Erik Finman Declares

Teen crypto millionaire star Erik Finman has declared that Bitcoin (BTC) “might have a bull market left in it,” but it is dead in the “long-term.” Finman made these remarks in an interview with MarketWatch yesterday.

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The teenager is renowned for his precocious investment in the top digital asset Bitcoin (BTC) in 2012. Finman invested the $1,000 gift he received from his grandmother in Bitcoin (BTC) at the rate of $12 per token at the time when he was only twelve years old. The 2017 all-time highs recorded by Bitcoin turned his $1,000 investment into $4 million.

The high schooler further boosted his popularity by winning a bet with his parents. He proposed that he would opt out of college if he became a crypto millionaire before age 18.

Similar Grimm Predictions for Litecoin (LTC)

During Finman’s interview with MarketWatch, the teenage declared that “Bitcoin is dead, it is too fragmented, there are tons of infighting we just don’t think it is going to last.” He also gave a similar forecast for Charlie Lee’s Litecoin (LTC):

“Litecoin (LTC) has been dead for some time now. It is like when the sun goes down, and there is an eight-minute period before darkness creeps in. Litecoin (LTC) may well be in the seventh minute.”

Positive Remarks for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The teenage millionaire also showed an optimistic view when asked about project-based coins like Ethereum (ETH) and Zcash (ZEC) the anonymity-oriented token. There’s nothing positive to say about those tokens. However, Finman reserved positive remarks for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) despite its controversial hard fork in recent weeks. He affirmed his belief in the Bitcoin Cash’s technology.

The teen reportedly railed against “the lobbyists and hooks” of Wall Street; citing his early success, Finman told MarketWatch:

“I’m better at this type of stuff than the Wall Street millionaires. They have no idea of how to work through the system; they are nerds. I am more than that.”

Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) Now Trading at $3,611 and $30 Respectively

According to a report, Cointelegraph’s price indexes show that Bitcoin was trading at $3,611 as of press time. This means the digital currency is up by 10% on the day. Although it is still down by more than 36% on the month due to the bear market crash. While the other coin that has come under attack by Finman, Litecoin (LTC) is up by 16% on the day trading at $30 but is down by 30% on its monthly chart.

As reported previously, Finman’s quirks apart from winning a bet with his parents and investing in Bitcoin at an early age include going to Mexico to stash the hard disk containing the private keys protecting his crypto wallets similar to what the characters from the TV series Breaking Bad did. Finman has also spoken about plans to acquire a Lamborghini with a customized license plate that will correspond to his CGPA (grade point) in high school (2.1) even though he never graduated from the institution.

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