Following Blythe Masters Resignation, ASX Reaffirms The Public Of 2021 DLT Launch

The CEO of Digital Assets Holdings (DA), Blythe Masters, recently stepped down from the company. However, the company hasn’t allowed her departure affect its plans to launch a blockchain-based settlement system in 2021. This is according to the statement made by the deputy CEO of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Peter Hiom. The distributed ledger technology that is based on settlement and clearing system will replace the current CHESS platform.

Blythe Masters Steps Down

On Tuesday, Digital Assets Holdings announced that its CEO, Blythe Masters, who has been in the company since the year 2015, has decided to step down for personal reasons. Before a new CEO is appointed, one of the members of the company’s board of directors, AG Gangadhar will serve as acting CEO. Hiom continued:“ASX is 100% devoted to our partnership with DA and our DLT plans. The CHESS replacement project is still on track and it is moving at the recommended pace. We are working with Digital Assets Holdings at different levels including creation, implementation, and market evaluation of the CHESS replacement system. We hope to continue this work with the DA team currently being head by AG Gangadhar. Masters did a lot of work that helped advance our project. She will always be a good friend of ASX.”

When asked about the precise date for the release of the DLT exchange, Hiom said that everything is on track but the project will be launched in the first quarter of 2021 instead of 2020. In conclusion, he said:“We at ASX believe that decentralized ledger technology is going to stimulate innovation and promote efficiency. We are grateful to Masters and wish her the best.

About Australian Securities Exchange

(ASX) And (DA) ASX is the primary securities exchange in Australia owned by ASX Limited. It is a public company that was known as the Australian Securities Exchange before December 2006. The company was founded in 1987 and incorporated under legislation of the Parliament as a combination of six state exchanges. In 2006, ASX merged with Sydney Futures Exchange.

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DA is a fintech company that focuses on developing DLT products for regulated financial institutions like CSDs, CCPs, market infrastructure providers, market participants banks and custodians. In three funding rounds, DA raised $107.2 million.


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