Wealthfront Announces Account Integration With Coinbase

Investment advisor registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Wealthfront, recently announced that it now allows Coinbase wallets and accounts on its platform. Wealthfront users can now use this financial planning tool to keep track of their cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD
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Wealthfront has built this feature because it is arguably one of the features “most requested” by their clientele. The company is looking to expand within the emerging and innovative digital currency sector.

Wealthfront Now Supports Coinbase Wallets

Wealthfront made the initiative public via a blog post this Thursday to inform its users that it now allows Coinbase account integration on its platform. The latest addition will be available to users who already have a Wealthfront account as well as those who are currently using their financial planning services. Both sections of users will have the option to track their digital assets once they have entered their account details for Coinbase.

Wealthfront Allows Users to Automate and Optimize Their Finances

In their official announcement via a blog post, Wealthfront stated how it hoped the new feature would pan out: “We initiated this in a bid to help you automate and optimize your finances to make sure you reach your financial goals in the end. To achieve this vision, we must incorporate a constantly updated and comprehensive of your finances. That is why enhancements, such as our new integration with the Coinbase exchange are very important.”

A Completely Automated Financial Planning Solution

As per the report, Wealthfront went on to speak about the benefits of using its new automated financial planning solution. The startup highlighted how it would evolve and improve as “more and more data becomes available” via API. When speaking about API options, Wealthfront revealed: “Giving you access to your Coinbase exchange account information is one of the latest examples. As time passes, you can completely count on us to adequately incorporate more data, from your own accounts and that of third-party providers (including our recent announcement relating to Intuit’s TurboTax), to offer better financial advice. It should be recalled that Wealthfront told MarketWatch earlier in the week that they have already initiated plans to offer checking as well as savings accounts in 2019 likely during the first few months of the year. At the time of the report, the company said that they were currently conducting beta testing. Finally, we can not deny the fact that Coinbase has been making plenty of noise in the crypto space at the moment. The exchange seems to have put many fingers in plenty of pies. Apart from the recent news that the top crypto exchange is linking with Wealthfront, Coinbase is now offering their treading platform in at least six more European nations, which is gradually increasing the range of their platform to at least 33 countries around the world. With the latest integration of Coinbase accounts with Wealthfront and the newly proposed savings and account checking feature, it appears that Wealthfront is taking the necessary steps to become a full time automated firm that can receive direct payments and be used to make investments and pay bills.

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