Ethereum’s (ETH) Price Rises by 20% to Trade at $130

UK-based Crypto Trading Platform is Launches Ethereum Futures Contracts
As of December 15, ETH was trading at $83. The cryptocurrency launched a strong price rally on the same date which has continued to this point. It appears this rally is sustainable after Ethereum (ETH) saw a 60% price increase during the period in question. This is also an indication that more traders have started to see how oversold Ethereum (ETH) was. On December 22, ETH/USD was at $108.81 and in less than 24 hour the cryptocurrency broke the $130 resistance area to trade at $130.74 which is a 20% surge in only 24 hours.
According to data collected from CryptoCompare, through the last 24 hours, Ethereum (ETH) has become the highest gainer among the top coins. With this strong performance, there’s a good chance that Ether can replace XRP to become the second most valuable cryptocurrency a position it once held before the bear market crash.
Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – ETH / USD
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Brad Garlinghouse: XRP More Decentralized Than Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin

Bitcoin By Many MeasuresSince the XRP token, rose to position itself among the top coins on the cryptocurrency leaderboards, a large number of pundits have raised concerns over the asset’s inner workings. This has been a primary criticism that has touted XRP’s Ledger as centralized, because it uses the validator/tracking server system alternative mode of consensus that isn’t reminiscent of Bitcoin’s PoW (Proof of Work) consensus protocol or the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm proposed by Ethereum (ETH) developers.
However, in an interview led by the SVP of Marketing at Ripple Monica Long, and the CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse, explained why his digital asset is, decentralized, rather than centralized as many think. Garlinghouse had initially stated that Ripple has for some years now been making an argument that its XRP’s ledger is decentralized and has been so for sometime citing that the debate comes up too often. The Ripple CEO and crypto sector insider, who has been a long-time technology entrepreneur, cited that “people will spread their fear, uncertainty, and doubt, before adding that there’s been much misinformation regarding the status of XRP’s underlying nature.
Garlinghouse: XRP’s Ledger is Decentralized Garlinghouse hinted that became of the presence of misinformation, people misaligned might continue to “engage in any arguments they want. And in quick succession, he went on to note that “it is now very clear that XRP’s ledger is truly decentralized.”
When backing his claims, which could be seen as blasphemy by the majority of the crypto community, Garlinghouse declared that today, “Ripple operates seven validators, which makes up about 4% of the total number of public validators.” Bearing this in mind the Ripple chief added:“By nearly any measure now, the XRP Ledger has now become more decentralized than both the Bitcoin (BTC) ledger or Ethereum (ETH) ledger, where there are a small number of miners.”

Garlinghouse Will Worry Less About What Crypto Community Thinks

When closing his comments on the issue, the chief executive at Ripple explained that he has decided not to pay any attention to the FUD. Rather he would bear down and continue executing, while alone retaining transparency as opposed to worrying about what the community thinks.


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