Will 2019 Be The Year We Finally See a Better Blockchain UX?

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Some of the crypto services we receive now are OK, while some are terrible. This is the state of UX affairs with the Blockchain currently. Although the lack of a top-notch UX has been obvious, it hasn’t really been critical. While we all wish for the bear sentiment to pass, it has to be said that until the sector takes delivering better user experience as a priority, things will still be the same. 2019 might just be the year that big things begin to happen.

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The Legacy of the Sector

Despite the fact that a decade has passed since Blockchain came into the picture, UX has still been poor. To understand this situation, we must not forget that the sector is built mostly by engineers and a few finance executives more recently. Which is why for obvious reasons getting a better UX hasn’t been a priority. The initial years of the technology were about building infrastructure and expressing ideas which have resulted in the expansion of cryptocurrencies over a decade.

2019 Will be the Year for Better UX

2019 will initiate a major shift in the way products will be executed and offered to users. The following areas will be improved on:

How Speed Will Improve: In 2019, we will see technologies that will enable faster payment times, fast settlements and on-boarding processes rise. Speed is arguably one the most paramount elements of what good user experience means. There can’t be a future for slow technologies. The reason for this is because faster chains, and side chains, faster KYC processes (particularly with the portable KYC) and faster consensus will remove the issue of frustration making way for better user experience.

The Role of the People: People make products. The digital token sector has been attracted some of the rarest individuals with a unique set of skills (including product managers and designers), who shouldn’t be neglected as customers advocate within an organization. These will bring elegance and rationality to an industry that is dearly in need of both benefits. In 2018 we have seen a more diverse population flocking into the space including women. This will definitely bring a new dimension regarding how products will be envisioned, well explained and properly delivered.

Better Use Cases: Apart from remittances and speculation in weak economies, the crypto sector hasn’t actually found the ideal use case that can compel more users into adopting the underlying technology. And unless another major financial crash occurs (which could push crypto to become an alternative means of exchange for goods and services), new use cases with sufficiently pragmatic approaches will appear more obvious to users.

The Role of Mobile First Policy

The cryptocurrency industry has been a desktop-first sector until now. Mobile first hasn’t really been critical until now. It is inconceivable to suggest that the later will remain so when it is clear that the majority of the most important computing devices are all mobile friendly. Developers are now more focused on building apps that are mobile-first or for mobile only. App stores now have a better set of rules that clarify what can actually be done to protect users from fraud. Mobile devices and operating system now have better-designed security systems and built-in 2FA to make the process seamless.

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