Pantera Capital Partner Says This Is The Best Time To Buy BTC But It’s Also A Time To Diversify

The cryptocurrency market has been destabilized since November right after the BCH network update led to a significant drop in the price of cryptocurrencies starting with BTC. The major sell-off left the market without speculators who vowed never to return. Even if the bears have been in control of the market, the resilience of BTC and other cryptocurrencies is proof that the market is going to rebound soon. There are some who believe that this is a good time to invest in BTC.

Buy BTC Now But Diversify Your Portfolio As Well

A lot of cryptocurrency experts have offered their opinion about the future of Bitcoin as many traders and investors wonder if this is the end. A partner at Pantera Capital, a San Francisco-based VC firm, Paul Veradittakit, said that this is the best time to buy BTC. He said this during an interview with CoinTelegraph on YouTube. The well-known venture capitalist said that it would be logical to buy BTC from a long to medium term outlook. Keep in mind that he isn’t the only industry expert who believes in this logic. He and many others believe that traders who do not buy BTC now will regret later.

Talking about the current state of the cryptocurrency market, Veradittakit said that altcoins generally still have a strong correlation with Bitcoin. This is except XRP and ETH that have been able to gain independence from BTC. Notwithstanding, Veradittakit said that this is the perfect buying opportunity for BTC and it is also an opportunity to diversify your portfolio. In his words:“It’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. You should either invest into an index or invest in different altcoins that have solid projects behind them. Another logical option will be to hand your holdings over to a fund manager.

The statement from Veradittakit comes right after Tone Vays talked about his opinion of the same subject. Last week, Vays said that the 2018 bear market is not the same as the 2014 and 2015 bear markets. He said that the next Bitcoin bubble will not carry altcoins along. He said that altcoins are not as relevant as they appear citing the implosion of Bitcoin Cash in November.

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What 2019 Will Bring For Cryptocurrencies

There are many contrasting views about the industry. Vays and other experts do not share the same opinion. Notwithstanding, each camp is biased to a degree. Vays camp started investing in the industry when Bitcoin was basically the only cryptocurrency with obvious prospects. They built investments around Bitcoin. However, Veradittakit, and Pantera has always had interests in altcoin-centric platforms, as well as used altcoin based services and products.

During the YouTube video, Veradittakit talked about what 2019 will bring for cryptocurrencies. He said that with things like the Bakkt coming up soon, there is hope for an industry rebound. The fiat on-ramp that is backed by Microsoft, and Intercontinental Exchange is going to change the game for the industry permanently. Earlier this month, there was a rumor that the product launch by Bakkt will be postponed. The falsity of this information isn’t clear yet.


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